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ocean floor:Original title: Municipal Party Committee Secretary Cai Qi fourthly studied central axis: strive to build a model of national cultural heritage protection! Source: Beijing Daily Writes Xu Feipeng Wu Hongli Photography Dai Bing In Yongdingmen City Overlooking the comprehensive rectification of surroundings Yesterday, the municipal party committee secretary Cai Huis hot summer survey was investigated. He emphasized that in order to historically□▼●-, the national and responsible attitude is highly responsible◇◁, the center axis application protection work will be grasped and strive to build a model of national cultural heritage protection. Liu Yuzhu◇◆•…, Party Secretary and Director of the State Cultural Relics Bureau◇▽☆, surveyed together. The core constituent elements of Beijing Central Heritage mainly include 14 heritage sites such as Yongdingmen, first agricultural, Temple, the Forbidden City, Jingshan, etc., and the historical road to connect these heritage points. Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attaches great importance to the protection of the central axis, mo.

China News Agency, Beijing●=■★, May 27th■▽, I: Marked that the local legislation work involved in the Hong Kong election system is fully completed. This is conducive to implementing the principle of “Patriot Governance”=▼◆, which promotes the topics of Hong Kong society to better focus on economic peoples livelihood, grasp the development of opportunities, and will be treated by chaos•●=. For a long time▪◇◁, there have been many development opportunities in the Oriental Beads of the motherland. However▷▪, due to political disputes, Hong Kong failed to fully grasp relevant opportunities in Hong Kong in recent years▪◇□△. Especially in the anti-chaos of the Hong Kong Molecular Utilization System Vulnerabili?

Zhongxin Net Xining May 27th (增) 08:20 on the 27th▷◁•, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Group Corporation launched the first red theme train in Xining in Xining. It is understood that the train will open from Xining, Qinghai Province-■, Xining, Haiyu County▽◇★○, Sea□▪▼, Qinghai Province. The first batch of passengers have a total of 400, all of Qingzang Corporation Party members◆◁◁★, they will conduct party history in the Qinghai Atomic City base. The picture shows the painting of the spirit of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Pharma•▪◆, introduction, in order to facilitate the vast number of tourists, the Qinghai-Tibet Group Company passenger departments and tourism companies increase the organizations strength, arrange train groups◇▼◁, decorative trains▽◇◇, train compartments▪▲★, and •=○-“new Qinghai spirit” and other element. buy fabric in bulkocean floor – hosiery upcycling plastic bottles eco-friendly,