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bci cotton:Xinchang Xuzhou May 28 (Reporter Zhu Zhigeng) According to the Jiangsu Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee Barbecue explosion accidents due to liquefied gas leakage, causing 1 roadblinary ear injury, have been sent to hospital for treatment▽▼, currently hurt stable, after the accident, reform▼•◇, emergency management•△…, ecological environment, public security…▪, market supervision, fire protection and other departments And the relevant experts immediately rushed to the scene for disposal△=, the cause of the accident was under further investigation☆◆. “Several facade buildings were damaged. Zhu Zhigeng took the morning of the 28th, the reporter saw at the scene, the incident place is located in Xuzhou Economic and Technologic.

[Wang Guoqing talks about poverty alleviation: the Committee on the CPPCC ▲•”micro-service private visit” to understand the truth] Wang Guoqing introduced that in the past five years••, my countrys universal adventure has achieved decisive progress☆=. More than 66 million people are stable and poverty▪★☆, the incidence of poverty is also sharply declined, and we say that achievement is obvious▲△. Of course, some problems in such a big battle is also normal. The theme of the National Political Consultative Conference was held last year, the theme of “implementation of the existence of precise poverty alleviation”-▷●. In order to master the truth, find a question■□, in the Standing Committee☆▪□, the first more than 100 members went to 75 poor counties to go to the village, and the time span was launched for four months of field investigation▷■□●. Editor in charge: Zhang Jian.

Chinas national defense fees have always been attracted by external attention=★△□. According to the draft budget for submitting a 13th National Peoples Congress, the 2018 China defense budget is 1106.951 billion yuan•●◁, an increase of 8.1%●○▷▪, accounting for 1.26% of the annual GDP, and the third consecutive year increases. The increased national defense fee is mainly used to increase the investment in weapons and equipment construction…□-, improve training conditions, and ensure the treatment of military reforms◁•, and improve the living treatment of officers and soldiers○▽★-, and provide strong support to achieve the partys strong military goals in the new era▷◆•■. my countrys national defense growth is based on three “era requirements▪○△” in the countrys comprehensive national strength, safety environment, and global strategic situation. Chinas national defense growth is reasonable and legitimate□△, moderate and steady and sustainable. According to national defense▽▲○, the Chinese government insists on △■”coordination” and two■▽◇.

Original title: “China-◁▪, China▪◆●, China●=, manufacturing a 5G tsunami”, want to keep up with almost impossible “US CNBC News Network quoted Deloity 7 report, China has spent 5G in 5G in the United States since 2015 A total of $ 24 billion, the number of base stations supported 5G communication is 350,000=★•, which is more than 10 times in the United States – the 5G base station built in the same period of the United States is less than 30,000◁△…●. According to the report, the Chinas 5G industry overall market investment will exceed the US dollars in the next five years■△, and Chinas 5G base station construction cost is about 35% lower than the US, and the United States wants to keep up with the rhythm□▷★. It must spend 2.67 times the investment in China. In this regard, Deloitte sighed in the report: ■▪=△”China and other countries are manufacturing a 5G tsunami, I want to keep up with almost impossible. I have lo?

Original title: [Pollution Forecast] Expert Forecast April 1-2, Beijing◇■○, China▽▲■…, South China, will appear in the middle to severe pollution, according to China Environmental Monitoring Station, Beijing■•▽▲, China Environmental Monitoring Station, the latest air quality forecasting forecast for Beijing□▪…, Tianjin and the surrounding area, From April 1st to 2nd, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area will have a middle to severe pollution process. In response to the above▪□…, the National Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Treatment and Central Organization Experts predicts the air quality situation of this process. Since the end of March, with the end of the heating period, all kinds of industrial enterprises in the autumn and winter in Beijing, the surrounding areas have resumed production. While industrial corporate pollutants have increased significantly, steel , Industrial emissions such as cement building materials increase the maximum. Due to the production of heavy chemicals due to heavy chemica! scrap metal fabcouture fabricsripstop nylon waterproof – adidas water bottle black faux leather canvas usyd,