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fashion clothing – repreve fiber.upholstery fabric:Original title••◇: “5 years compared to the shoulder Qinghua North University, 15 years comparable to California Science and Technology”, what is the first of this West Lake▽■○? A few days ago, the Ministry of Education sent a letter and agreed to establish a West Lake University. According to the reputation=▲●□, the Social Power of the West Lake University is organized, and the national key support for national key support. West Lake University is coordinated by Zhejiang Province, focusing on fundamental, frontier science and technology research, adheres to the development of limited characteristics, pay attention to the depth cross-integration of the discipline○•◁, and strives to cultivate innovative talents, and strive to set up first-class teachers, build first-class disciplines, cultivate first-class talents Output excellent results◆★△. ▲ The predecessor of the West Lake University is Zhejiang West Lake Higher Research Institute, from the vice president of Tsinghua University, Professor Chen Jiang, the president of the Southern University of Science and Technology●=, Professor Pan Jianwei, Executive Vice President of China University of Science and Technology◇☆◆, Beiji••○◇?

Original title: Member recommended that the prosecution to strengthen the supervision of the …▼▼□”punishment▽□□▷” in the field of “punishment☆▷” in five consecutive issues-=, the procuratorial public welfare lawsuit is full…▪☆, the environmental protection field is increasingly strict … Liu Dongsheng, Yang Zhongzhen and other Political Consultative Conference – Ecological Environment Judicial Protection Helps Secretary of the National Political Consultative Conference of the Sky Blue Di Land◇▼, Liu Dongsheng▲☆=●, deputy director of the State Forestry Administration. Xu Ri Dan Photo of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Yang Zhongji, chief expert in China=•◆…, Linker, China. Xu Ri Dan Juan Yi.com Beijing March 6th IPCD reported that in the past five years, my country has adhered to the harmonious development of people, and focusing on environmental pollution, and the construction of ecological civilization has achieved remarkable results. ◁•▪”Good ecological environment, inseparable from the protection of the rule of law○•●…. In the past five years, the procuratorate has given full play to function, and constantly increa.

Luzhong Morning News On July 19th▲•, ☆□”Zibo never entered Changchun Changsheng production vaccine”, after investigation★•, the information has been determined▼=▲, and the report is incorrect. This newspaper adopted link to the relevant information on the interview▷▽•, did not further pay further, un strict, mislead readers▪◆★△, and we sincere apologize and take the ring▷▽■•. At present, Luzhong Morning News has launched accountability and will seriously account for all responsible people including the chief editor■◁. Thank you for your concern and support for the “Luzhong Morning News”. You will continue to supervise and criticize our work. Luzhong Morning News July 22 Source□○●: WeChat Board “Luzhong Morning News” Click to enter the topic▼△▪: Changsheng Biology is exposed “Problem Vaccine” is punished by 250,000 inferior drugs today to pay attention to a hundred white brok.

China Xinwang□◇, May 27, China Communist Party of China, Song Tao, Minister of Foreign Liaison=▷, Song Tao•=▼, jointly held in the △●◇”Total anti-epidemic to protect the people – China political partner”, “Participation” video exchange meeting in the main parties in Nepal, China will provide help from the main parties and social organizations to the main channels and social organizations through the Party Channel☆△■-. Song Tao, Minister of the Communist Party of China◁◆△, Chairman◆▽▷, Ni-Bonad●◇, DiMhener▽-, Nepal Communist Party (United Mar), General Secretary, Vice Premier Boyer, Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Center) Chairman◁◇■, Pre-government Prime Minister Pula Changda , Chairman, Chairman of the Peoples Socialist Party, Chairman, Chairman, Chairman, Democratic Party, Democratic Party of Ni▼■▪, Larn★▼?

Original title○■●: Taxation should consider the family income and gradually transition to the family-oriented representative, and Professor of Accounting Department of the School of Management, Jinan University School of Management▪▷☆, the National Peoples Congress●◆◇, Jinan University School of Management, Lu Xin••, another step The road to work. Over the years, she has been paying attention to the system and management of the government budget▲★=△. This year, her concern is still focused on the government budget●-. It is recommended to promote the effective use of evaluation results by strengthening the construction of the professional talent team▼■○, and promote the effective application of the evaluation results, and promote the construction system feedback system. Budget performance evaluation should build an expert library as a financial expert. In 2013, she proposed a budget report information to give full play to the Monitoring role and hoping to strengthen budget performance management…▽□. In the past, she will further recommend that the proposed budg.