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headliner fabric:Original title▼••: Dalian City implements housing purchase restriction policy Xinhua News Agency Dalian March 22 (Reporter Bai Yongquan) Dalian Municipal Peoples Government released the “Notice on Promoting the Sustaining Health Development of the Real Estate Market”◆◇, in order to meet the first set of just needed, support housing improvement, inhibiting investment Speculative behavior■△△, promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, and implements housing purchase restrictions on the 22nd△■★=. According to the notice, Dalian City Household Registration Households has 2 sets of housing in Zhongshan, Xigang District, Shahekou District☆▽•○, Ganjingzi District and High-tech Park (“Central City”), suspension to sell Zhongshan District, Xigang District◆◇, The housing of Shahekou District and High-tech Zone (“Restricted Region”)☆◆. It is understood that non-Dalian household registration residents have 1 sets of housing in the central city★•, suspend housing to sell restrictions. Non-Dalian Ci.

Zhongxin Network Lhasa May 28 (Reporter Zhao Lang) Civil Aviation Tibetan Work Conference held in Lhasa on the 28th. Feng Zhenglin, Party Secretary and Director of China Civil Aviation Bureau▽▷◁, introduced that Tibets civil aviation continued to develop, so that the civil aviation industrys “affordable line”●▼, the air ▼▲☆”Life○▽”, and the national “complex line” and the ▲•○□”progress line○▪” are more prominent. On Tibet route, civil aviation has been invested in the most advanced models of high plateau flights, implementing double-machinery flying, constructing a complete set of systemized plateau flight regulations from airport construction, operation management□▽, aircraft performance and equipment configuration. standard. As of now, Tibet Civil Aviation achieves safe flight for 56 years. Feng Zhenglin said, through aviati!

First Financial Reporter: I would like to ask Chen Xiaohua, everyone knows that the industry is prosperous is the focus of rural revitalization◁○◆. Recently•●▲☆, we learned in an interview that the current rural population continued to decrease, some villages have appeared “hollow▼◇” phenomenon. Excuse me, how does the village make the industrial revision◁▷? Chen Xiaohua: Everyone knows that the key to the revitalization of the country is in people. If a village has no popularity, there is no talent, and the development of this village must definitely not do it. At this stage, the labor force of rural areas is indeed continuously. Some villages have also appeared “hollow▼▼●●” phenomena▼★◁, and this issue should be seen from two aspects. On the one hand, it is an inevitable result of urbanization●○△. Many countries in the world have reached 70% in the urbanization rate, and there is a phenomenon of rural population outflow. In the past five years, the rural population enters the city to sett. headliner fabricmedical textile – textile oceanworks plastic sustainable textile companies!