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textile factory:Original title: US media said China leads the world manufacturing automation: a car accessories factory that is high-speed growth of robot in Kunshan•◁, Jiangsu, and industrial robots are processing auto parts. (Hong Kong ▼◆▽◁”South China Morning Post▲○▷△” Website) Reference Message Network On March 22•○■, where is the idea of ​​being accepted? US media said that it is not the United States or Europe, which is China leading the world▼▷☆. China is a …○▼”manufacturing automation country”=▼, not the low-cost labor provider. According to the US “Value Walk” News website reported on March 19, manufacturing automation demand continues to grow, and fundamentally promotes this demand growth is China, Chinas economy accounts for less than 15%, but it is automated The demand for technology is twice the number. A report of HSBC pointed out th.

(CPC Broad Years) Dabie Mountain Announcement Network Sales Wild “Treasures” Wisdom Ecology ☆•”Irrigation” China Platinum Tianzhong New Society Zhengzhou May 27th: Dabie Mountain Announcement Network Sales Wild …-●”Treasure…•▪•” Wisdom Ecology Li Guigang Tian Yuyu Li Chaoyang Han Zhangs big mountain cloud fog is lingering, and a horses are standing in the middle of the mountain…★, and the pine needles in the raindrops appear extra-green. “After the sky□△, picking fresh pine needles, online 1 kg can sell 14.9 yuan (RMB, the same).” Cai Lingzhi said that the wild Massonian pine needle in the Dabie Mountain is very high◇…, and customers are welcome…★. “80 after” Cai Lingzhi is Chendian Township, Henan Xinxi★…▽□.

China News Corpusted News: On the 27th local time, “Chunmian Action○▲” was officially launched in Tashkent, Uzbekistan△▼□, and more than 200 people have carried out the first agent in Wu Chinese citizens. Vaccination◆○▲. Ambassador to Uzbekistan was in the scene of the vaccination. Jiang Yan said that with the party center of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core very concerned about the health and life safety of overseas compatriots, always adhere to the people-oriented concept, and deploying the embassy of the embassies and consulates in various ways to help overseas compatriots During the national two sessions of the country this year★◆☆, Wang Yi…◆△-, China State Committee and Foreign Minister……◁, announced that “Spring” is implemented worldwid.

Original title★•: More than 100,000 people listed in last year, “Blacklisted”, 945 incidents, 945 incidental brokers included in the business unusual list, 65 companies listed as major tax illegal cases▪•=▲, more than 100◇=,000 The person is included in the faction of the executor “blacklist” .◆▲◁▲.◆…◆●. Yesterday▲◆=, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce issued the “Report of Beijing Consumer Rights Protection” and disclosed related numbers. The credit information daily queries reached 1.6 million times according to the “Report”…◇◆, relying on Beijing Enterprise Credit Information Network integration, publicity enterprise registration information, supervision information, credit information▷=, etc., information return is more than 92 million, and the public inquiry The amount is nearly 400 million, and the average daily query is 1=●◇.6 million. At present, the credit information is handling tax, social security, provident fund, and passenger car.

Huashang News (Reporter Li Lin) Recently△○, the province held a public hospital remuneration system reform pilot work video conference, fully spreading the reform of public hospital salary and institutions. The meeting further clarified the relevant policies, requiring reasonable determination of the salary structure of public hospitals, further improving the proportion of post performance wages, performance salary, in principle, no less than 60% of the total performance salary▼◆△○. Rationally determine the level of remuneration of public hospitals••, and the pilot can determine the level of remuneration of public hospitals according to the local situation, in principle■◁, in principle, in principle, in principle▽★•, in principle, within 3 times the average level of performance wages in the same level. Promoting the main person in charge of the public hospital, the main person in charge of public hospitals should maintain reasonable relationship with the pay level of the medical staff of the hospital▪-•, in principle△•, must not exceed the average salary level of the medical staff of the hospita▽▲◆●! material sourcing

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