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loop knit fabric – distributor recycled fabric supplier 12 oz denim,seaqual yarn:China News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Li Xiaoxiang) The latest data released by the Ministry of Commerce on the 27th that the European Unions actual investment of 1950 million US dollars in China, an increase of 12.4% year-on-year▪○■; Chinas direct investment of 16.9 billion to the European Union US dollar, large increased by 70.8%. In the same period▽☆○△, China and Europe trade had reached 25.5 billion US dollars, an increase of 42% year-on-year, higher than Chinas overall growth rate. The peak of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesperson☆☆▲△, said in the press conference held on the same day, China and European mutual economic and trade partners=◁■, the cooperation are wide, and the interaction between enterprises, has formed “You have me••, I have you••△” interest intensity blending pattern In the current epidemic situation◇○, China and Europe tra.

Original title-■: Beijings first district planning land management department listing the establishment of a picture source○•▽…: Beijing Planning Landsis International (Reporter Deng Qi) March 22, the original Tongzhou Planning Branch▷★, the city plan for the integration of land branch The State Bureau of the State Bureau officially listed■□◁, marking the establishment of the first district planning land management department in Beijing…▼. From now on, the planning landline in all districts of the city will be established in succession☆▼▪. “Establishing a grading management system in urban planning, integrating the strength of the country-level planning,” is a clear key work in the work report of this year, and the newly established district planning landline will serve as the municipal planning of the land agreement in various districts Responsible for fulfilling the management functions of urban and rural planning management and land and mineral resources in the administrative region, while performing phase as a district governme.

Xinhua News Agency Paris March 22 (Reporter Zhang Men) 2018 “World Outstanding Female Scientist Award△□☆” Awards Ceremony is held on the evening of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences◇▽▷▪, the researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the researcher of the National Academy of Sciences, Zhang Mang, has award this award■◁△. The UNESCO said in the previously released awards, Zhang Mingmans creative research work provides a new point of view to terrestrial evolution. Temcer said on the award-winning speech, “I am very honored to get this award◇▼. I started to contact the ancient biology more than 60 years ago◇☆▲◇, thanking domestic foreign partners for my help and support for many years.” Zhang Mishan 82 Years, is an ancient categorologist in the world. She has long been engaged in comparative fo.

[Air Force◁•: Xu Yongli has already queded out of the service to transfer the local transfer△◆•. Understand that the Air Force has coordinated the local management unit to blame Xu Yongli, requiring that it may not publish any improper remarks in the active military personnel…◁◇, engage in all social activities▼□. Click to enter the topic: Reverse? Cui Yongyuan apologizes to Fan Bingbing: 4 days and 60 million with her regardless of her Editor: Huo .

China News News Agency•▷-△, May 26△▪▲, the Hong Kong SAR Administrative Chief Expo, Lin Zheng Yuexi, published in the social network website in the social network•◁•…, said that the Hong Kong epidemic continued to be stable in the past month, there is no local source unclear case, it is expected to reach “clear▷▷”, appeal The public is a person★△, dont hesitate to vaccinate as soon as possible. Lin Shi Yue said that with the continuous stability of the Hong Kong epidemic and social distance measures◇-, the street flows increases, and many people in the weekend go to the mall△•=, outskirts and beaches. In addition, under the premise of implementing multiple epidemic prevention measures, Hong Kong successfully held a number of large-scale activities, including “2021 UCI National Cup Siti Compensation (China Hong Kong)▽▷”▽▲●, Basel Art Exhibition Hong Kong Exhibiti.