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upcycling plastic bottles – upholstery splies christmas knit fabric twill rayon,seaqual fabric china:Original title: Jiang Yang▪••▽: Increased the penalty penalty for securities crimes # 我 我 零 # National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference■◆▪, the Vice President of the SFC☆=◇, Jiang Yang●▲•, attending the groups group discussion▷◁☆, the account opening investor in the capital market reached 130 million people involving many families, stabilizing social stability countries must stabilize the capital market. Jiang Yang pointed out that existing laws are punished for fraudulent distribution of 600,000▼▲□, and such cases have been sentenced to the market, they are said to be light☆◁, but the SFC is administrating according to law◇□, and it is necessary to increase the penalty penalty for securities crimes▲=◁. (Securities Times) Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang .

Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily News (Reporter Zheng Zhuo report) In response to the “East Trunk” organization of the United States and Western China and the ◇△★”East” organization, the so-called British “Uyghur Special Tribunal” will be carried out in the near future “listening” Xinjiang race Ending “Everything May 25, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region held the ninth▼■▪” pseudo court “in Beijing, revealing the ugly face of△▪▪” Pseudo Tribunal ☆•★”, and condemned this seriously interference in my country, seriously trampling the international law order ▲☆▲○. “An illegal court is to the hearing for a century lie★…□, it is very absurd. This is the serious trample of international law order, which is a serious embarrassment of the real racial extinct victi?

CCTV News (News Network): For the party loyalty, the people, law enforcement is justified, discipline is strict▽■○, this is the general report made by General Secretary Xi Jinpings 16-word requirements for the national public security work. These sixteen words have also become the new era peoples public security The General Assembly of the Police Police. Use the sixteen words to honor the sword of justice△★, the peoples public security is creating a new chapter in the safe China. The party is loyal to the soul of the construction police, the service people are the foundation of the police. Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the national public security organs have to ensure that national political security is in the first place to prevent strike all kinds of penetration charter damage activities. Focusing on the prestigious problems affecting the safety of the people, the public security police conducted a special action against the special struggle against the dismutors and combating telecommunications network fraud★△●◆, combating the crime of crimes against crimes. Since 2017, the national public security organ has cracked a variety of economist●◁.

Original title: Taiwan-funded factory •◆▽▼”Qingtian Ban Banner●□■●” was removed by Vietnam “to prevent being considered to be misunderstanding, Vietnam allows Taiwan companies to hang the Chinese people.==-▪” At the end of last month, Taiwan ▼■”Central Society▽□◆☆” This discovery is excited to make the island, claiming “This is what cant do before▽△★.▲▷” However■★, this statement of Taixia quickly was ◁●”faced”▽•☆○. BBC Vietnamese channel 3rd reported that Vietnamese official denied that the Taiwan Enterprise is allowed to hang “China Peoples Flag◁▽”◆★◇. At the Queen Enterprise■-, the banner before the Furniture Factory of Vietnamese, at the routine reporter meeting on the 2nd◁•■, there were recent Vietnam Pingyang Province▪▲●▲, a Taiwan-funded factory hanging “China Peoples Flag●△▽=”, Vietnam Foreign Ministry spokesman Lis autumn=▼△▲, Vietnam Consistently adhere to a Chinese principle■★…. After investigation, this approach is the spontaneous behavior of the company. Sedu…….