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textile:Original title: Up to the county magistrate of the secretary◆★, go to the Zhengjiao, all the online publicity … These meals are all or have to eat! Fuzhou Lianjiang, Changle has been doing this▼▽○, how do you▲=? Today, Fujian Lianjiang County publicizes the situation of the March 2018, the personnel of the leading cadres and attending the wedding and funeral activities, accepting social supervision○○★=. Changle also has the same practice in rectification of wedding and funeral, and the party organizations at all levels are the first person in charge of the blindness……, and the members of the team will do their responsibility★▪☆-, and the leading cadres of the team will contact the key village●…•, the departmental cadres can be operated or attended☆=△◇. The wedding and funeral situation accepts social supervision in the media publicity▲▪☆. Since last year, Fuzhou has achieved good results in the work of ▽☆”Shimen” recycled polyester distributor! Xinhua News Agency reported this▷◆! Xinhuanet web screenshot .

Original title: Netizen “Wild Love Song” reveals the inside of Qianbao collector illegal rights protection insider @ 平安 江苏 April 9 news, Yangzhou citizen Ge Mou (net ■●•”Lang people love song 508▷○”)-▷•, in participating in ••”Qian Baoyai” fundraising After returning, listening to the rumors and embarks on the path of illegal “rights protection○◁”●=▷◁, publishing or forwarding more than 70 articles containing a large number of rumors and false information, becoming the manufacturer and communicationman of rumors, and producing a so-called non-reporting-•▷. The statement▽★▲, induced the ◇-▪”Qian Baoyi•◁▪◇” fund-raising participants did not report, because he was suspected of seeking trouble and impulsive crimes▽•-●, he was taken by the Municipal Public Security Bureau at the end of March. Recently●▲, he accepted an interview▲•, revealing the inside story of illegal rights protection of Qianbaos raising people. Its hard to get a greedy○=: Fast forward is still planted, and if he said△-, he is in the beginning of 201▽▽ refibra – fabric manufactuer. ecological fabric!

Original title: What is the “self-exposure of the ugly” in Shandong◇▽▼◇, the economy? This reflects the pressure of Shandong, also reflects its reform. Shandongs -•▷”Elephant Economics▼-▼…”▽•, high-capacity○••▼, high-polluted state-owned enterprises○◆, high-polluted state-owned enterprises, and coal consumption exceeds the country◁▪◆★. First, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions are the first national first. Figure / Visual China Shandong: What is the active “weak”? “China News Week” reporter / Zhou Qunfeng This article was first in total No. 844 “China News Weekly” on March 6th, at the 13th National Peoples Congress, Shandong Delegation, Shandong Provincial Party Committee Liu Jiayi, secretary, became the protagonist of the media. =□■”The one that is online, and this is some error▲△□-. Although it is not b.

Original title: The first debut of the “Member Channel” Zhao Hongwei: There is no gender difference between scientific research•●★△. I will leave the cover■●. IN the news reporter Lai Fangjie Beijing Photography reported on the afternoon of March 3, the Peoples Great Hall East Gate Hall, the national two sessions The field △▪◇•”member channel■◁●◁” is about to open•=▲▼. Limited journalist, squeezing water, countless lens focused on the red carpet on the channel, looking forward to the debut of the committee. After an hour, the first round of three members, rushed to the red carpet and stood in front of the vertical microphone-☆△. They are the deputy director of the China Manned Space Project, as a vice chairman of the Middle School of Jiu Sanxue, the Intermittent Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences◁▷, Pan Jianwei, and Zhao Hongwei•□, chief engineer of the China Railway Science Research Institute. As the first debut “member channe.

[Yang Wei Committee: My National Academic Output of the World First] Academician Yang Wei, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: In the new era of innovation, only technological strengths can be strong, only the basic ability can be technically strong, must be stable, long-term care basic research development of. The current academic output of our country has ranked first in the world■●. The academic influence is second◆-, and academic output quality has also reached the world average, and it can be gradually starting to appear, and it is good to develop from quantity to quality◁=□■. trend. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh.