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innovative textile:Original title▪…: Will China break the “crude oil dollar hegemony”◇▷? Japanese Media, May 19□•■◁, 2017, China National Petroleum Group Company announced that China s crude oil pipeline crude oil officially entered China at 16 oclock on the same day, this is a view of Ruili Lighting••▼. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yao Bing Reference News Network reported on March 28th, China Shanghai Futures Trading Market officially launched crude oil futures trading in RMB●=•. This is hoping to open the gap in crude oil trading in “dollar☆•●”. China also attracts overseas companies to participate in transactions by introducing preferential tax systems◇○●. It shows the idea that hopes to reflect Chinas demand to crude oil prices by increasing market participants•▷△. But it is also facing how to ensure liquidity-◇△■, and cultivate it in?

Chengdu sisters use easy to pull the gods to restore Huaquan heads: I hope to promote the traditional culture▷▽☆, from Chengdus craftsman Yan Hongneng☆▲△◇, the fan requirements, use the easy pull can be used as the main material god to restore TV dramas ★◁◇”嬛” Chinese 妃 头◆◁△, amazing people▲…•, video playback Take millions, and rush into multiple network platforms. The biggest highlight of the head is not made of easy pull. Yan Hong told the reporter that this headnote used to make it in order to make this traditional craft, and later, more common materials are ribbons●=, stained pests, etc., ★☆•□”use easy to pull material is our original method. “Yan Hong said that the headdress imitation of the jade is the original method of their own original, with easy pull c.

China Youth Daily: Since the launch of the exam enrollment system in 2014, Shanghai Zhejiang took the lead in implementing a new college entrance examination last year. What is the problem…◆? The next step is to advance the college entrance examination reform◁=△●, what new action? Chen Baosheng•▼: The reform of the college entrance examination enrollment system is a reform that launches the whole body. In the education comprehensive reform=-▷◇, he is in the stamp. Last year●★▷, Shanghai Zhejiangs college entrance examination enrollment system reform has stable and landing=■, has achieved success and provides experience in other provinces reform. Chen Baosheng: To say the results▲★=▼, it is in such a few aspects. A result is a teaching reform that affects high school, this is very important▽★▲…. The reform of the college entrance examination…▲, the enrollment reform is a command stick, the baton is changed◁◆▲. Reform teaching in high schools must cooperate accordingly. Chen Baosheng: So from Shanghai Zhejia?

Original title: The first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress, March 5 (Monday), the first plenary meeting (opening meeting) 1. Listen to the Report of the State Council of Prime Minister Li Keqiang on the work of the government. Review the State Council on the 2017 National Economic and Social Development Plan implementation and report of the 2018 National Economic and Social Development Plan•…. Review the State Council on the 2017 Central and local budget implementations and reports of the 2018 Central and local budgets. Listening to the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee and the Secretary-General Wang Chens explanation of the draft of the Constitutional Amendment of the Peoples Republic of China on the Amendment of 3■▼△◁:00 pm Consception Government Work Report March 6 (Tuesda•…●□.

Original title▷•…: The former vice chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission is in charge of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and people call the “Iron Niangzi” Hong Kong Stock Exchange today released an announcement. He served as Vice Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission□★▼. He is currently the Chairman of the Hong Kong SAR Financial Development Bureau. Zhou Songgang, the current chairman of the year, became the chairman of the new Hong Kong Stock Exchange. At the age of 67, the history of the history of the history of the history is quite legendary★-●. She is a doctor of law, and she worked in the US federal court and had many years of lawyers==▷. At the beginning of 2001•○○●, Shi Meilun, vice chairman of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Regulatory Commission, was appointed as the vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the purpose is to let the ◆■”Chinese Characteristics of the stock market” look for a road to internationally. Professionals in Hong Kong◆◁, Macao and Taiwan are rare. At that time…□★☆, That Mimerane once treated this as “one of them” at the interview with CCT.