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plastic pollution – eco-friendly texle!corporate wear:Original title National Political Consultative Conference■▲, Feng Yuanzheng○▽: Used as a good knowledge of the law to understand the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference. Justice Network Beijing March 3 (Reporter Liu Ya) from the TV series “Dont talk to strangers” Anjiahe, to “the world without thieves”●◁, then to “If You Are the One○▼”, Ai Jasmine◇★☆, on the big screen The role of Feng Yuanzheng played deeply in the minds of the audience△=□. Now, Feng Yuanzheng has also a new identity – a member of the National Committee of China=◆△. Such a famous actor served as “new member”, how will he participate in politics◇◁▲? “Two sessions this year◇▼★, I will start from itself△◇△◁, submit relevant proposals on the use of national art funds.○□▪” On March 3●●◇, Feng Yuanzheng committee said in an interview with reporters. The National Art Fund is a public welfare fund. The funds are mainly from the central government allocatio.

Original title★•-: 谌 琴 琴: Guizhou uses ecological beauty to catch up with the good source: Today, Guizhou News Client Colorful Guizhou Net reporter Yang Changding photo ☆•□”Ecological advantage has become the most unique advantage of Guizhou, becoming a shiny The golden word sign has become a huge wealth of our sustainable development. “On March 8th, at the 3rd National Peoples Congress, the National Peoples Congress opened the opening day•◇•□, the National Peoples Congress…=▼◆, the deputy secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, and the governor In an interview with the media, these years, Guizhou conscientiously fell to the series of important instructions on the construction of the ecological civilization, adhering to the ecological priority, green development, and strong implementation of the ecological strategic action■◇○•, and prelimin out a beautiful, seek Catch the strategy, the green development of the people of the people. Yaqin used thr.

Original title: How does China apply=▷■●? In the Middle East▷◆-, we have a good experience in Saudi, Saudi, Saudi, Shata, with your fingers, dont stop your mobile phone screen■•-, and explain a mobile phone app (application) from time to time. With Selfie show, she has become a well-known “net red” girl in Saudi, sitting on 1.5 million fans◆◇▷◁. The objects that can appear in her program are not small☆-▽. In this video, she introduced a mobile game that was popular in Saudi – “The Revenge of Sudan○★”, the reading volume reached nearly million•◁◇▽. The developer of this game from China. The game “It feels great eco-friendly sportswear repreve material! Design, form is very interesting.•▼○” 26-year-old Saudi, Muhammad Harley evaluation. He is the faithful fan of this game, and he is also the moderator of the game local foru◆▪◁•?

Xinhua News Agency Guiyang May 27th (Reporter to Diejie) Data Security is a key issue in the current relationship between digital economic development△▷☆▲. At the 2021 China International Data Industry Expo, a ◇▲■▼”data security” high-end dialogue was held on the 27th. Participant believes that in recent years★△◆, my countrys active data security challenges have been actively responding to economic and social digital transformation•▲, and the data security capacity is continuously improved. •▽=”The personal information protection provisions of Telecom and Internet users have urged more than 200 companies to improve the data security management system◁-○, select 110 data security related excellent solutions◆▼, organize 133 companies to sign data security governance conventions …” Industry and Information Technolo.

Original title: (foreign affairs) Song Tao met with Namibia and Mongolian guest Xinhua News Agency=▷○, Beijing, March 30◁△, China Communist Party Minister Song Tao, Song Tao, in Beijing, respectively, in Beijing, respectively, in Beijing, respectively▪-□, the Southwest African Peoples Organization (People Party) Chairman Rago and by the Peoples Party Leadership Committee, the Director of the Government Office, Zhaodanhattale◁△-■, the Mongolian High-level Leading Cadres, Leading Cadres. (End) Editor: Huo ▼▽-. sustainable material