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customize fabric:Original title…●: Sincere, all three-service three-time 24■▲□, the 7th Council of Shaanxi Buddhist Association held the fourth meeting, the Council decided to avoid the Juezheng President of Shaanxi Buddhist Association=▷☆. Declaration of the seven president meetings of the Seventh Seventh President of the Shaanxi Provincial Buddhist Association, the Decision of the President of the Fayon Temple Buddha Academy of Shaanxi Province and the Fandalist Temple of Fairmen Temple in Shaanxi Province. On the 23rd, the Ninth Council of Fujian Buddhist Association held a second meeting to resign from the president of the president◁▽■, and the conference resigned from the president of Fujian Buddhist Association, the executive director, and the directors agreed to be temporarily presided over by the Deputy President of the Pufa. Fujian Buddhist Association works and serves representatives of the legal party. According to the 24th news of the Shaanxi Buddhist Association★■=: On August 24, 2018, the fourth meeting of the 7th Council of the Shaanxi Buddhist Association was held in Xia▪■★=.

Original title: Heavy pound! The 2018 National Science and Technology Award Nominates 1446, 45 do not accept reporters on the 23rd, from the National Science and Technology Awards Office☆-, the 2018 National Science and Technology Awards have been completed•=, and the National Natural Science Awards, the National Technology Invention Award and the country 1446 nominated items in the Science and Technology Progress Award. There are 45 in the formal review of unqualified items and will not be accepted. Among them, there are 3 national natural science prizes, 8 technical invention prizes (7 general projects, 1 special project), 34 scientific and technical progress awards (30 general projects○▼…•, 4 dedicated projects). According to the National Science and Technology Awards Ordinance▪•, 269 national natural science prize programs, 299 technical inventive awards, general projects, and 240 technical invention award.

# 2018 Look at the two sessions # [Yang Liwei “: Manned Space Available Space Station Construction Task] Yang Liwei, at the meeting,○■” China Aerospace, what are the new initiatives “: Chinas manned spaceflight enters the construction stage of the space station, will select the third batch of space Members•…★○, aerospace engineers and scientists, this selection will be selection, selection, male and female astronauts. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang .

Original title: I like Japanese anime is •●■”fine sun”? Recently, due to the excessive behavior of “festival★●-▷”, many netizens who like Japanese comics have also suffered from the pool. Some people will ask, I look at the day, eat the Japanese, like excellent Japanese culture-●, etc.•●▲, why is it to be “fine sun”▲▪=? We must tell you here: over□◇▼! all plastic sea! Do not! Yes chinese fabric manufacturers – textile sourcing,! This is also a concept of ▼▼”essential sun” to confuse. “Feedback”, ◆●○”spiritual Japanese▷■=” is referred to as referred to as the extreme worship of the Japanese militarian hatred the nation, in the spirit of the non-Japanese people who will be with military national Japanese▪□. It is obsessed with the Japanese army uniforms in World War II▷-◇, taking pictures in the Japanese Army aggression site, and destroying the anti-Japanese hero. Some people will ask=□, I look at the day•▲-▪, eat a Japanese★▪, like excellent Japanese culture, why is upcycling plastic bottles□= fabric mill!

Original title: Peoples Net Assessment: Ecological Fashion Civilization – One of the National Ecological Environment Protection Assembly Series “Ecological Environment is a major political issue of the purpose of the partys mission, and it is also a major social issue related to peoples livelihood.” At the National Ecological Environment Protection Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly explained the construction of ecological civilization for improving peoples livelihood, promoting modernization, achieving sustainable development, and systematically explaining Xi Jinping ecological civilization, ★•”Ecological environmental protection history , The major judgment of turning, global changes•◆•, painted the blueprint to promote the construction of ecological civilization, and the ••★▷”beautiful China★★●★” prospects of 1.3 billion Chinese expects★◇. People are naturally born, people cant get out of natural◇□, and the dialectical relationship between people and nature constitutes humanit.