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wholesale fabric distributors:Original title: 50 days from the departure▽◁, 200 million, there is a source: Changan Street, I have a written letter Tall Building “What is the most worried about the rental? It is the lack of expectations for future, there is no long-lasting place■☆△●, such as The rent will be raised next year, and it is necessary to drive away by the landlord▽▲○. “I believe that most” tenants “have the same feelings on the above. A few days ago, Nanjing Mayor Lan Shaimin said in two sessions in the country, the government should have a 10-year, 30 years of expectations, so that everyone can establish “do not buy a house can also be rooted in this city”. In order to give renter confidence, this year-▼, Nanjing will optimize the land supply structure•☆, and ensure that the rental house is reached more than 30%, and the rental rent is 1 million square meters…◁●. -▲◁”Lease room land is a business la!

Original title•…: Fujian reported a group of violations of disciplined cases: WeChat blessings “Fujian News Network…□” Recently△▷◆, the official website of Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has released a number of violations of typical cases. Songxi: Notice 1 Typical Cases of Vulgar Vulnerabilities in Violation of Violations, Typical Cases▼◁○, Songxi County•…, the party members of Hedong Village, Hedong Township Wu Xiuyu☆○●▼, violates the problem of funeral reform■•…. ● Character: Wu Xiuyu, member of the Party Branch of Hedong Village, Hedong Township, Songxi County ● Question: On April 18■-△•, 2018, Wu Xiuyus father-in-law died▼▪◆●. At 13 pm on April 22…▪, in the process of going out, his relatives were sacrificed on the roadside of Hedong Bridge, and fired fireworks and firecrackers, and the sacrificial activities were 15 minutes. At that time, Wu Xiuyu not only did not discourage, but also participated in the violation of the funeral. ● Process: July 13, 2018, Hedo.

Original title■△□■: 4 people, deputy director of Yongzhou Intermediate Peoples Court•◇△□, etc., 3 people were dismissed, 1 person warned on March 16, 2018▼▪▷◆, Hunan Yongzhou Intermediate Peoples Court, Jianghua Yao Autonomous County Peoples Court received the relevant judge drinking Report, quickly organize the discipline inspection and supervision department to investigate. After investigation, on the afternoon of March 15th, the Jianghua Court held the Triar Charge Chen Jing▼=, the deputy team of the police brigade, the eight people and other groups took the hospital Xiang Ma046 police car◆•●, and went to Yongzhou City Cold Shuo District to perform official work. That night, under the private arrangement of the Vice-League of Yongzhou Zhongyuan•○▷=, the private arrangement of the Huang University military▪•▪, in a restaurant◆•…, the three people in Tang Dang▽=, including the Huang School Army, Chen Jing▷•=■, Bai Rongjun, Tang Youguo drinking wine, in the masses There is a negative impact. The Huang School Army arranged Chen Jing▪◁◆☆, Bai Rongjun, who was in the official activities, and Tang exceed upcycling plastic bottles tpu lamination – rpet polyester econyl! textile sourcing!