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hosiery:For everyone concerned, we have carried out investigations in accordance with the requirements of the State Administration of Taxation and Jiangsu Province Local Taxation Bureau. If the behavior of violations of tax laws and regulations is found, it will be strictly handled in accordance with the law. Source: Wuxi Local Tax Click to enter the topic: State Administration of Taxation◁■, responsible for investigating the “Yin and Yang Contracts” of Film and Television Personnel Editor: Huo .

Original title•□■: How does education make people more satisfied●▪? The reporter of the representative of the proposed statement and quality education, the reporter Zhang Shuzheng, Hou Lin Liang◆☆=, Lu Li▪…◁◆, Shao Yuxi, Liu Wei=▼▲, representative: fundamentally, the child, school□◇▼, and family need to form a joint force▪▪…. Liu Ru member☆◇: Strengthening the financial investment of pre-school education, increasing the support of various types of pragmatic kindergartens. Liu Wei member: Do a good job of parents to relieve peace of mind, need to effectively improve the quality, status and treatment of kindergarten teachers. Lu Jian representative: University should not be completed○-▽, all or small•▪, stress, pay attention to the structure of higher education◇•○▷. The governments work report emphasizes the education of the people to do well, so that everyone has equal opportunity to change their own fate through educatio.

Original title▷▷: Member recommended that the prosecution to strengthen the supervision of the ▷☆=◆”punishment” in the field of ☆▼•”punishment▷◆▼○” in five consecutive issues, the procuratorial public welfare lawsuit is full, the environmental protection field is increasingly strict ..▲○■□. Liu Dongsheng, Yang Zhongzhen and other Political Consultative Conference – Ecological Environment Judicial Protection Helps Secretary of the National Political Consultative Conference of the Sky Blue Di Land-◆▼, Liu Dongsheng, deputy director of the State Forestry Administration•☆. Xu Ri Dan Photo of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference●■●, Yang Zhongji●▽, chief expert in China, Linker△▼•, China. Xu Ri Dan Juan Yi.com Beijing March 6th IPCD reported that in the past five years, my country has adhered to the harmonious development of people, and focusing on environmental pollution, and the construction of ecological civilization has achieved remarkable results. ▼▷▽□”Good ecological environment, inseparable from the protection of the rule of law. In the past five years, the procuratorate has given full play to function, and constantly increa●▽….invista lycra – spring creative fabric!

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