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outdoor collection:Hua Chunying uses two idioms to educate the US □▪△■”Atmospheric”▼◇▽, but also to ▽▽◁”digest themselves in the United States.” China Foreign Ministry held a routine press on March 26-▽●, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Hua Chunying hosted and answered questions. Ring: The Chairman of the US Congress House Intelligence Committee said on the 25th that the committee will investigate Chinas expansion of military and economic strength in Africa. He believes that Chinas investment in ports and infrastructure around the world is for military and controlling governments. How do China comments from China◆-○. Hua Chunying said when answering the question of the ring (ID: huanqiu-com) said that there is a sentence in China called “the heart○◆•”, meaning what you think in your heart, what is the world in your eyes? In addition, China has a idiom called “suspected of theft”, refers !

Original title: absurd post recycling bonded interlining recycling plant – h&m looop canvas uc sustainable silk,! The United States will approval to Tibetan domestic and foreign Tibetans [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to the US media report, the US Congress adopted an expenditure bill, and settled $ 17 million to Tibetan community in FY2018 (about 100 million yuan), including Tibetans in Tibet and Tibetans in India, etc. At the end of May last year, the observer network reported that the screenshots reported that this bill included 8 million US dollars in Tibet, 6 million US dollars in India and Nepalese…•▽☆, and 3 million US dollars for strengthening Tibetans. The ability of institutions and “exile governments●=”. It is reported that the so-called “allocation assistance” of the United States has been long. In 2002▼▼, the US President Bush signed a ▪▽”exil.

Original title◆=…◆: [Solution] The experience of this county-level city, why is the high-level value•■? “Three-day days of destined to seven points” this year is the 40th anniversary of Chinas reform and opening up, and the official media has begun a large-scale special report. The Peoples Daily opened a column with “Broad East Take the New Era▪=□☆” in the first phase. The first phase fully reported on Shenzhen reform experience with a number of specifications☆=○▽. After the Shenzhen, I boarded this column after Shenzhen…★◇, it was a county town in Fujian-□. This crown is in the county of “Jinjiang Experience▽=□◁”-◆△. When the reform is started, pushed to the front desk. Some people in Jinjiang said that this World Cup▲□, China has went to the football team. Among them□…, there are frequent “Jinjiang Brands”-▪-, Anta, 361 °△▲●, Step, etc△•. in all kinds of international stations. Jinjia-▽.

Original title▼•▼▪: Guangdong Note 2 Ecological Environmental Protection Areas Question Typical Problem The Central Fifth Environmental Protection Inspectors have entered Guangdong, and the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels of Guangdong Province have implemented in-depth study of Xi Jinpings ecological civilization ideas and the spirit of the 19th National Civilization▲▼. Strictly▲-, according to the deployment requirements of the central inspection team and the provincial government, the political responsibility of the accountability of the ecological environmental protection field will quickly investigate and deal with a group of ecological environmental protection sects, not active, not active, chaos, etc•▪○□., continuous Release is responsible for asking▲■, accountability will be strict☆▼. From June 5 to July 1◇■-▲, 2018, the provincial discipline inspection and supervision organs accountable for the Central Environmental Protection Inspectus of Inspector, involving 342 dereliction of returning party members□…•. In order to strengthen the warning education, Qingyuan City black odor water governance is falsified and the Nanshan Town-◁, Sanshui District, Foshan Ci-….

Original title☆○★: Southern Metropolis Daily: Ministry of Education: Teachers free education is adjusted to public education◁▷, ensuring that each person has a job with the Secretary of China, and the Office of the State Council issued a notice▷=◁▽, forwarding the Ministry of Education and other departments of the Ministry of Education The Implementation Measures for the Implementation of Public Educational Education of Teachers Health (China Office [2018] No. 75, hereinafter referred to as “Measures”)…▪, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Education answered questions about the reporter on the “Measures”=□. What policies have been transitioned from the “Free Education” pilot to ◆=”Free Education”, “Measures◆△○”? The “Measures” adapts to the need for new era teachers team construction reform, according to the issues in the implementation of policy implementation…○, based on the National Office [2007] No•▪. 34 and National Office [2012] No★-. 2 document, improvement and improveme.