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recycled PET – buy fabric in product:Source…◆: Asking July 20th=■△, the National Philosophical Social Science Discourse System Construction Coordination Office and Shanghai Municipal Committee Propaganda Department••★, China Pudong Cadres, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences – Shanghai Institute of Municipal Peoples Government, Shanghai Social Sciences Association Organize, China Social Sciences Contemporary China Marxist Political Economics Innovation Zhicu, Fudan University Economics, China Philosophy, Science Discourse System Construction • Pudong Forum “-” Political Economics Academic Discourse System Construction • 2018 “in China Pudong Cadre College was held. Vice President, member of the Party Group, member of the Party Group, Director of the Party Group, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Economics, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Shanghai Social Science Community Joint Party Secretary, Full Vice President Yan Shuang, China Pudong Cadres College lo.

Original title=▽: Headline This time▽■, the face of Western media is “playing” more hurts some Western media “Le This is not tired”, and this time, they are hit by the country face”. It is noted that the port of Sri Lanka Hankan Totta, which is investing in China◆■, has recently become a “target” of a smearing China in China★◇◇. The United States “New York Times” has also accused the normal investment construction of Chinese companies in recent reports in recent reports. ▲ Information Picture○•▲◇: In July 2017, in the Hanban Totta Port Operation Agreement☆▷○, Sri Lanka Port Ministry of Transport◇…, Minister Ma Xida Samara, Samaras, and Vice-Chairman Hu Jianhua▽☆•□, Vice-Charient with Harbor Holdings. (AF.

Sino-Xinwang Kunming May 27th (Xie Yifang Wang Yongwen) has continued to improve in Yunnan●▷, and the China Railway Kunming Bureau has entered the state of flood control “to fight”, and ensure the safety of high-speed rail and passenger train. The Yunnan Railway is a typical southwestern mountain railway•▲◆, the regional climatic conditions are different, the terrain geological conditions are complex, after entering the main flood season▷▽◇, the mid-range floods in the middle of the Yunnan, and the middle of the Yunnan, the possibility of mountain flood geological disasters in Minnan Province Large, ensuring that the safe pressure in the flood season is large○-=•, the difficulties are more difficult☆•▽, and the situation is complicated. The picture shows the railway worker to carry out a new round of flood control hazard investigation and rectification. Yang Yongquan is related to the China Railway Kunming Bureau Group Flood Control Offi◇□▽.

China Xinwang Haikou May 27th, electricity (Fu Yun) Hainan Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau was established on the 27th■…. According to the central editing approved, the Hainan Provincial Party Committee▷-■…, the provincial government is approved, the Hainan Provincial Poverty Alleviation Work Office is restructured as the Hainan Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau, which is the direct department of the Hainan Provincial Government□▪, and the specifications are unified, and the leadership and management of Hainan Agricultural Rural Hall No longer retaining the Hainan Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office. According to reports, since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Hainan Provincial Poverty Alleviation Work Office has promoted all provinces to complete 64.97 million settlement, all of the poverty people-•◆, all of the poverty poverty, 600 poor villages, 5 poverty-stricken counties Target task, three consecutive years since 20.

Original title: Be wary of short video negative effects (vertical and horizontal) ◇□▪○”Peoples Daily” (April 10○•★, 2018), recently, “Relevant documents issued documents★★” …◆☆▲”Recently, some network audiovisual program production, broadcast irregular issues It is very highlighted to produce a very bad social impact. ▲…•☆” The “network audiovisual program” mentioned here includes short video that has recently been unusually hot. Some people say that short video is another type of air in the Internet industry. Some short video APPs have a very high popularity, and the number of active users reached more than 10 billion-■. These short video APPs have a …□★”personalized recommendation” function that can push the users interest in compliance with the content of its hobbies, bringing users to the user. Because of this, some people are sigh, “shortcomin.