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mattress:Zhongxin Net Guangzhou May 27th (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) Guangdong Satellite TV Large Original Age Memory Music Culture Program ◁□-■”Flowing Singon” third season is scheduled from 21:10 every Friday from June 11. Tibetan female singer Alan Dava Zhuoa recently participated in the program record clearance accepted the reporters interview…△. Amateurous Alan▷▼▼=, a sweetness, and the reputation of “Beautiful Song Ji★★” in the fans★☆•-. Alan has a perfect voice that is kissed by angel■…, and the broad range is natural, “MY Life”, “My Life”, ▼=□”My Moonlight”■▽●☆, is a stunning. Alan singing skills returned from Japans “cultivation” returns◇▲☆•, can easily control the majestic national songs○◆▪▲, but also play ea!

Original title▲□▷: Yao Jinbo▽■◁○: Internet to the service industry wings [Introduction] [Journal] Yao Jinbo, who was first elected to the National Peoples Congress△○=, and proposed four suggestions around peoples livelihood and social development, involving strengthening “three rural” information construction, standardization The rental market is promoted to the employment of the disabled△△. Strengthening the “three rural” information construction service rural revitalization strategy [Same period] National Peoples Congress representative Yao Jinbo•◇☆: Today, the era of mobile Internet big data, in fact▽◇, the Internet can better integrate with rural areas and can pass various technical means Let the farmers can stand in the same starting line with the city (resident), better achieve benefiting farmers, better helping the development of rural areas, this is my first proposal•□=. In fact□◇▽, the Internet and the rural are□▽▷▪.

Original title★▽: “China■-, China, China, manufacturing a 5G tsunami△●•★”○◆, want to keep up with almost impossible “US CNBC News Network quoted Deloity 7 report, China has spent 5G in 5G in the United States since 2015 A total of $ 24 billion, the number of base stations supported 5G communication is 350,000, which is more than 10 times in the United States – the 5G base station built in the same period of the United States is less than 30▼□,000. According to the report, the Chinas 5G industry overall market investment will exceed the US dollars in the next five years☆◇▽△, and Chinas 5G base station construction cost is about 35% lower than the US, and the United States wants to keep up with the rhythm. It must spend 2.67 times the investment in China. In this regard, Deloitte sighed in the report●=: “China and other countries are manufacturing a 5G tsunami, I want to keep up with almost impossible. I have lo.

Original title: Seven question problems vaccine is not flat△◇, one wave of work. After the fake falsification of rabies vaccine production, Changchun Changsheng creatures were trapped in ◁•◇•”潭”☆○●●. On July 20th◇◁△, the Changsheng Biological Announcement said that the wholly-owned subsidiary did not meet the requirements of the “Bai Bai Broken••▼…” Vaccine “Test” items, and was required to punish 3.44 million yuan. The market reflects obvious, after the incident, the long life creature continuously 5 decreased off plates, and the market value evaporates about 10 billion yuan. The event is confusing, the China New Agency is a seven issues that are most concerned about throughout the train. Q1…■. What is the impact of rabies vaccine production records? On July 15th, the State Food and Drug Administration announced that Changchun Changsheng Biological Freezing Man used rabies vaccine to produce record fake and other violations of the “quality management of drug production”★=▽, and sa☆◁☆▼.

Original title: Xinyi Hubei Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary Ma Guoqiang: Zeng Da Pen integrated two generations of steel enterprises recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was approved: Comrade Ma Guorong Ren Hubei Provincial Committee, Standing Committee, Deputy Secretary. Ma Guoqiang, born in 1963 is Hebei, undergraduate from Huazhong Institute of Technology (now Huazhong University of Science and Technology), the management of materials management, once in Yuashan◁◁, a four-year university time. After graduation, he has admitted to the masters degree in Beijing Iron and Steel College (now Beijing University of Science and Technology), maintenance management project, and stayed for a period of time▷☆. The big knife has a large-wheel revolution of Wugang in 1995, Ma Guoqiang joined Baosteel. Turning to his resume△◇, this executive of capital operation and financial accounting▲◆, in the work of Baosteel Group for 18 years, the deputy director of the Finance Department, deputy director and the Director of the Fund Management Office, treasu hand dyed cross stitch fabric customized labels for clothing white faux leather!chloe tote bag – digital textile polyester satin,