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seaquel – econyl yarn!together for a clean ocean:Original title: 2018 National two sessions 丨 Poverty Alleviation Office Liu Yongfu: In the past 5 years, investing in more than 60•▼,000 new Beijing newsletters (Reporter Ni Wei) how to treat grassroots poverty alleviation cadres○■? At the 13th National Peoples Congress◆▲▪, a press conference held today (March 7), Director Liu Yongfu, director of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, said that it has investigated more than 60,000 cases in the field of poverty alleviation and various issues. More than 80,000 people. Most of the grassroots cadres are hard, and the multi-grassy comrades fall in the first line of the poverty reduction, even paying lives. Liu Yongfu said that it is difficult to take off the weaknesses in China. These regions are missing talents=□…☆, do precise things, fighting battles, and there will be difficulties. Poverty alleviation and attack must have the strength of the figh?

Original title□○: Outside the media: North Korean Gair Visiting China Consultation Economic Cooperation Reference Information Network Reports Overseas Media Analysis believes that in the context of the relationship between China Dynasties, this Thai interview is negotiating with China for bilateral promotion of economic cooperation■★●▼. According to Japan “Tokyo News” reported on July 3, China has shown a willingness to assist North Koreas revitalization. Analysis believes that Bentai will consult with the China Economic Department, and the Chinese side is required to cooperate with the economic assistance and relaxation of the Council. Wang Yi-△…, a member of China State Council and Foreign Minister-▪△, first visited the Dynasty-■, with North Korea Foreign Affairs, Li Yonghao held a talk☆-◇▼, and That Thauti is also a seat. According to HAN JANU★○=, July 3, the news 3 da□◇=-.

Xinhua News Agency, March 13 The fundamental guarantee, the people are the essential characteristics of socialist democratic politics. It is the basic way of leading the country in accordance with the party leading the peoples governance countries▼☆■. The three are unified in my countrys socialist democratic politics•☆•. The 3rd National Peoples Congress, a high-income vote passed the constitutional amendment. This result fully reflects the partys leadership☆=□…, the people who are in the country and the organic unity of the country△▽, reflect the organic unity of the partys claim and the peoples will, and promote the constitution and the times, improve the development, play in the new era ” The fundamental role of the national charter of the countr.

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