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recycled product:Original title: Shandong Secretary Liu Jiayi ■•▪★”Sichuan▪=▪” accent caused by the small error, I explained “Shandong finally realized that he was backward!” Just after the Spring Festival▽□…•, this will be a “attachment” for “attachment•◁●” in the Spring Festival. Article, one ○▪▽▼”brush screen” circle, becoming the focus of attention from all walks of life-◁◇◁. On the afternoon of March 6◁●◆▷, on the opening day of the Shandong delegation, Liu Jiayi responded to the reporter, explained his original intention: Why did he self-sufficiency, point out a series of problems in Shandong? The above Liu Jiayis 10,000 words, published on February 22◇○, this day is the first working day after the first month of the first month, the first working day of the Spring Festival▪▼. On the same day●◁, Shandong Province held a comprehensive development of new and old kinetic energy conversion major project mobilization conferences. At the mobilization meeting=△◆, Liu Jiayi has developed the economic development of Shandon.

Original title The new round of military reform■△▪, three military medical universities were given the new name of the military report exclusive connection, the first principal of the Air Force Military Medical University, the first principal Zhou Xuanji Major General – a new round of military reform○●▼, three military universities were given New Name June 29, 2017…△=, the Chinese Ministry of Defense announced the list of Chinese military schools after military reform. In this list=▷, the Second Military Medical University▪△, the Third Military Medical University, the Fourth Military Medical University◁•▲★, has been given a new name: Navy Military Medical University, Army Military Medical University, Air Force Military Medical University. This means that in the new round of military reform, the Military Medical University has retained and placed in military species▲◁, and the new historical mission has been taken from this, and the construction and development of Military Medical University has entered a new starting point. In the new round of military reform, the fourth military medical university adjustment was established as Air Force Military Medical University. This article is from the Chinese Army N▪-▲.

China New Network May 27th, the Central Government resident contact office news, the Central Peoples Government in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Contact Office issued a statement on May 27 that the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region today passed the ▽◁▲=”2021 to improve the election system (Comprehensive Revision) Bill●△, this marks the formation of the Hong Kong Special Zone Selection Committee elections…▲, Legislative Council elections and chief electoral elections, and congratulations on this▪••. The statement pointed out that the Bill implemented the spirit of the National Peoples Congress “311” decision and the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee •=▷▼”330″ repair, reasonably absorbed the suggestion of the Legislative Council Members and the social sectors, fully reflecting the wide social socie footwear◆▪▼• wholesale fabric distributors – industal textis. textile business environmental preservation!