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workwear:Original title: Minister of the Ministry of Commerce Zhongshan: Will down-regulate the car, some daily consumer goods import tariff abstract: the Spring Festival market consumption is hot, indicating that the people have confidence in the country and confidence in themselves. Liberation Daily · View Journalist Meng Qun Shu Wang Ji Le 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center Today 10pm, the Minister of Commerce, Minister of Commerce☆■•○, Deputy Director and International Trade Negotiation “Promoting the formation of a comprehensive open new pattern to promote the high quality development of business careers” to answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. Focusing on further release of consumption potential, Zhongshan said that the Spring Festival market consumption is hot□●, indicating that the people have confidence in the country and have confidence in themselves, and the masses also have the ability to buy•☆. Our country has become a big consumer country, our consumption sca!

First Financial Reporter: I would like to ask Chen Xiaohua■▽•★, everyone knows that the industry is prosperous is the focus of rural revitalization. Recently, we learned in an interview that the current rural population continued to decrease, some villages have appeared “hollow” phenomenon▼•◇△. Excuse me◆▲=, how does the village make the industrial revision•=? Chen Xiaohua: Everyone knows that the key to the revitalization of the country is in people. If a village has no popularity▲▪●, there is no talent, and the development of this village must definitely not do it•○▲▽. At this stage, the labor force of rural areas is indeed continuously■□◇. Some villages have also appeared “hollow” phenomena, and this issue should be seen from two aspects▲◇. On the one hand▲=▷, it is an inevitable result of urbanization. Many countries in the world have reached 70% in the urbanization rate, and there is a phenomenon of rural population outflow. In the past five years◁•-=, the rural population enters the city to sett headliner material▲▽ environmental protection!

Original title: 300 comrades such as Guangzhou election The 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference of the Peoples Political Committee held the fourth pleasant meeting at 3:00 on the 14th of the Peoples Games 14th▪□=▼, Elect the Political Consultative Conference The President of the 13th National Committee, Vice-Chair, Secretary-General and Standing Committee. Zhang Qingli, an Executive President of the General Assembly■•, announced that 300 comrades in Guangzhou were elected the Thirteenth National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference◆▪▼●. Editor in charge: Liu Guang◆▽◁.

Xinhua News Agency, on July 6▽▷, according to the person in charge of the relevant person in charge of the customs of customs, Chinas import commodity in China has been officially implemented at 12:01 Beijing time. The relevant person in charge of the customs of the customs Directive on the 5th, in the answer of the media about China on the implementation time of US tariff countermeasures◁◁, according to the State Countries Tariff Tax Council No. 5 announced, some imported goods originating in the United States Measures will be implemented after the USs decision tariff measures are taken into force. According to the US Customs and Border Protection Bureau▷•◆, the United States is from 818 categories on the first batch of 34 billion US dollars on the first batch of 818 categories on the first batch of 34 billion US dollars on the first batch of 34 billion US dollars…■☆. % Import tariffs. As a counterattac▪•?

Original title: The Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee on Supporting Hainan Comprehensive Reform and Opening and Opening and Opening and Opening and Opening and Opening and Opening and Opening and Opening, Xinhua News Agency Beijing On April 14, the State Council on supporting the guidance of Hainans comprehensive reform and opening up to expand tourism consumption development space. Implementing more open and convenient exemption shopping policies, realizing the full coverage of the islands•◁★, improved tax-free shopping limits. Support Hainan opened a transnational cruise travel route, supporting the exchange of cruise ports such as Sanya to carry out the pilot of public sea tour route, and accelerate Sanya to develop in the direction of the main port of the cruise■•○▪. Relevance of yacht travel control. In order to promote the development of Xisha tourism resources☆▽◁■, open the island tour. Comprehensively implement the improvement of Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism First Sailing Region Policy▪○▼, encourage medical new technology△◆■, new equipment□▷, new drugs★◇★○, and formulate convenience politics that supports overseas patients to first-line diagnosis and treatme yoga fabric wholesaler – outdoor clothing. repreve fiber!