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china seaqual:Original title☆▷=: The General Office of the State Council on adjusting 4 national nature reserves of Hunan Dongdong Tinghu and other four national nature reserves to adjust Hunan Dongdong Tinghu and other four national nature reserves [2018] No. 19 Hunan Provincial, Chongqing City•◁▷◇, Yunnan Province, Tibet Autonomous Region Peoples Government, Environmental Protection Department◇▼, State Forestry Bureau: “The Ministry of Environmental Protection Regulation of 4 National Nature Reserve Resources for Hunan Dongdong Ting Lake (Ring Ecology [2018] No★▼. 13). After approval by the State Council, the notice is now as follows=▪: First, the State Council agreed to adjust the scope of Hunan Dongdong Tinghu, Chongqing Jinfo Mountain, Yunnan Baima Snow Mountain and Tibet Everest National Nature Reserve◇☆. Adjust the area, scope and functional partitions of the reserve protected area by the Environmental Protection Departme!

Xinhua News Agency, March 27, March 15▽◆★, 2018, China Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the 13th National Committees first meeting adopted the ☆=”Amendment of the Charter of Conference on Peoples Political Consultation•△▲”▷▲□. Recently, the head of the General Office of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference accepted an interview and answered the reporter on the relevant situation. Q▪★★: Please introduce the principles of this revision of the Political Conference Charter. A■▼□○: The current CPPCC chartered by the five sessions of the May 1982, in 1994, in 2000■…◆●, in 2004◆-•◁, three revisions were made, generally adapt to the needs of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference, which is in line with national conditions▷△, in line with the actual situation. , Comply with good articles on the development requirements of the times. At the same time▷▷▲, historical experience is also fully proved that the CPPCC has only constantly adapted to the new situation★●●, absorbs new experience, reflecting n□◇★?

Original title••★□: [Depth] Network Strong Country “Arena”: China has a short board, four strengths hessian sheets recycled polyester clothing flannelette bed sheets!邬 贺 铨•=◆, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Optical Fiber Transport Network and Broadband Information Network Experts…△▼. It has been engaged in the technical management and engineering science and technology consulting project of fiber optic transmission systems and broadband network development, Chinas next-generation Internet (CNGI) and 3G / 4G / 5G▷▽. CCTV Financial Channel ★-◁”China Economic Lecture Hall” invited the academician of He Hezhen, for your detailed explanation, “How to get online▪▽▼, how to get? 2016 is the 60th anniversary of computer applications, the 60th anniversary of the artificial intelligence concept, the 50th anniversary of fiber optic communication, 50th anniversary of Moore Law▲◇○◇, 40th Anniversary of Honeycomb Mobile Communication Application, 25th Anniversary of Internet Web Technology, now Integra.

Original title: Chen Xiaolu, who has promoted the establishment of reform and opening up and basic lines (Chen Yi Yuan Shui, died on February 28, 2018, enjoying the age of 71) Xu Qingquan / the people know that Chen Xiaolu is the son of the King Kong Marshal Chen Yi, in Chen Jia Old three. In the 1980s, he served as a foreign military official, and the deputy secretary-general of the Beijing International Strategic Problem○△, which is an official thinking tank mechanism. In 1986, the central government has established a smart organization in the CPC Central Political System Reform. Although the group is small, the status is high•▽. The group surveys a variety of talents▽▲○, Xiaob added it. In October 1987, he served as Director of the Social Reform Bureau of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, but it was still a military identity. With the Central Political System Reform Research Office, th organic linen fabric ocean plastic organizations – crease jord.!