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recycled material:Original title●▽▲☆: The Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region decided that the second meeting of the 13th Peoples Congress of the Peoples Congress of the Peoples Congress of the Peoples Congress of the Ministry of Autonomous Region, the Second Session of the 13th Peoples Congress of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region appointed: Gong Mingzhu is the Director of the Development and Reform Commission of the Autonomous Region★☆◆; Li Zhongkai Director of the Economic and Information Commission of the Autonomous Region▪▷☆▪; Feng Yifei is a long-term housing and urban and rural construction hall•○▷△; Xu Hongzhi is the director of the Autonomous Region Health and Family Planning Commission. Decision is exempted: the director of the Bao Dafa Development and Reform Commission; Wang Bingjuns Director of the Autonomous Region Economic and Information Commission; Ouyang Xiaohuis Autonomous Region Health and Family Planning Commission Director, Director of the Family Planning Commission; Source: WeCh●=▲!

Original title: This spring meeting, why can I affect for forty years I will talk before going to bed◁■, there is a world in my dreams. Hello everyone, I am a party newspaper commentary■★. Today, 40 years ago, my country is holding a grand rally. This meeting allows Guo Moru, who have been 86 years old, long-standing studies, regardless of doctors■•▲▷, family discourage, insistence to participate△▷. He said: “I am the dean of the Academy of Sciences▲=-, such an important meeting cant go.” This important meeting related to the science is the National Science Conference held in Beijing March 18-21, 1978…★▼▪. Not just Guo Moruo◆◁•, this meeting is almost impressed by the people of the whole country. At that time, the message to be held in less than one week…▽■, the National Science and Technology Committee and the Chinese Academy of Sciences received nearly 200,000 enthusiastic letters, receiv.

Original title: (All rights reserved) The 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference on Settlement of Specialized Committee Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 16th China Peoples Political Consultative Conference 13th National Committee Standing Committee on Setup The Committees decision (the first meeting of the Thirteenth National Committee of the CPPCC on March 16▷▼, 2018) According to the “Article 49 of the Charter of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference……”, the National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference is based on the work needs▷▽▪★. , Set up a number of special committees and other work agencies, the Standing Committee decided, •=☆◇”the 13th National Committee of the Peoples Political Consultative Conference sets the following ten special committees: proposal committee■•◆▼, economic committee, agriculture and rural committ…△ recycled PET – environmental preservation industrial fabric,!

Original title: 2018 Director of the National Second Session of the Nations Commission and Commission of the National Committee: National State-owned Enterprise Opening 50 Trill 5 years in five years●●, the best annual Beijing News (Reporter Shaob) today (March 10)-◇, in the 13th At the press conference of the National Peoples Congress, the director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission, Peng Huang◆○-, a deputy secretary general, and the relevant issues of ○•▲■”state-owned enterprise reform and development” question questions. Xiao Yaqing introduced that the national state-owned enterprise operating income reached 500 trillion yuan□◆, and the profit reached 2.9 trillion yuan, which is the best year for five years. Xiao Yaqing said that last year, the national state-owned enterprises in the country increased by 14.7% and 23.5% respectively over the previous year. Among them, the business income of central enterprises is 26□▼◁.4 trillion yuan▲•, achieving profits reachi industrial textile environmental goal!