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eco fabric factory:Chinas new network client May 27, the local time of Italy 26th▪△★, the official announced that the archigue International Milan Football Club, has reached an agreement with the coach Antonio-Confi◁◇▽, and the voluntary termination contract. Kongtie just led the Blue Black Legion to win the teams 19th Intangle Championship. Intermo official website reports that the Inter Milan Club said in the announcement, the club thanked Antonio-Confi made outstanding contributions, he led the team to won the teams 19th League championship. His name will stay in the history of the club. The 52-year-old Conit was held in the 2018-19 season□▪▷=, I was in charge of Intermi, and I got the teams army and the European Union Cup ran-up last season. This season▼▪□, the count.

Original title-○: Taizhou police destroyed a large “network row” gang, 246 people 8 large bus transportation Recently, Zhejiang Taizhou Wenling Public Security Bureau destroyed a large “4▼-▷.26 network row” criminal gang, arrested 246 people, and used 8 large bus. Back. This article comes from unlimited Taizhou online loan more than 60,000 debts owes more than 20,000 debts on April 2018, the victim Lin is a Wenling Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that it is in late February 2018◇●●▼, by providing WeChat friends circle And mobile phone address book▽=△■, loan to the net loan company for one thousand yuan…▪, actually arrived one thousand yuan▲○◆, the amount of the amount is 3,000 yuan=▷▽○, the return period is five days, the overdue fee is 500 per hour…□. Temporary repayment period◁-, net loan companies recommend other online loan companies to continue online loan◇◆••, used to repay the lead borrowi.

Original title: The political affairs at the scene Jia Zhanghis representative of the afternoon at 1◁•○□:00 pm, Wanshou Zhuang Hotel, the 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting, the National Peoples Congress, the famous director Jia Zhangke. Jia Zhangke is a representative of the newly elected National Peoples Congress▲□◆●, and he has brought about a motion on culture▼▷. “Government” (WeChat ID: XJBZSE) Writes / Beijing News reporter Xue Yu photo Editor: Zhang Yili◁●▽•.

2018-03-30 23▲•◆●: 26: 25.0 Thailand Fei Chongqing flight detection 6 cases of the virus did not appear critical cases Thailand Fei Chongqing flight detection 6 cases like viruses 82317409 Week Xiaoxue / Enpproperty Hualong Network March 30 22▲▪◁□:22 After the reporter (Reporter Zhou Xiaoxue) Following on March 19th, the Chongqing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau examined 39 cases of Naja virus from the immigration flight from Thailand, March 29, another Thai entry flight found together with group diarrhea burst Public health emergencies◆▽, diagnosed 6 cases of a viral infection case▪△. At present★◆△●, all passengers are stable, and there is no critical cases and secondary dissemination●=. The Chongqing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau specially reminded that the majority of passengers should pay close attention to food hygiene when traveling to Thailand and other countries and region!

Xinhua News Agency, Taipei▲●…, May 28 (Reporter Wu Jihai◁▷□▽, Jiang Tingting) The Popular Epidemic Command Center in Taiwan has increased 555 cases of native new corona diagnosis□◆, including 297 cases of new cases and 258 cases of correcting regression★▽●. In the diagnosis case, 19 cases of death were added■□-◆, and the new high in the past. In mid-May, Taiwans local epidemics rushed sharply, and the new local case has more than 6-◁•,000 cases, including more than 200 cases of local cases from 16 to 28. The most severe epidemic•▽, Taipei City◆▷▼★, local cases exceeded 2,000 cases. The command center announced that the new 297 cases of local cases were 157 males△□◇, 1. keep oceans cleansustainable textile companies – textisourcing home textile marine pollution,