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bci cotton – textile wholesar.recycled nylon:Original title•☆: Agricultural Rural Department: Guide City Modern Resources Elements to Suburban Rural Tilting Yang△☆.com Beijing May 3 news (Reporter Zhu Min Zhenyu) According to China Voice “National News Network” report, Minister of Agricultural Rural Minister Han Changfu today (3 Japanese) said that it is necessary to guide the citys modern resources to tilt the rural areas of the suburbs. Strive to gradually realize the modernization of rural revitalization and agricultural rural areas 2025 to 2030○▪■. This year is the year of the opening of the countrys revitalization. This year•○•, the Central Central Document clearly suggested that by 2020, the revitalization of rural revitalities◇•, the basis of the system framework and policy system■■◇; in 2035, rural revitalization has achieved decisive progress, and the modernization of agricultural rural areas▪◆. Urban agricultural development is an important part of modern agriculture and rural revitalization●★▲•, in the first squar.

Original title: pay attention■◁□! The Chinese and American trade warfare you see are almost all fake litter in the ocean◁☆■● functional fabric! In the last two days◇■▪☆, a article called “American professor to analyze Trumps statement on Chinas trade sanctions” is hot, which is not only reproduced in many people in a circle◇=△, but also on many network forums and information platforms. Caring for many netizens. However…△, after reading this article•◇, he found that the article turned to me, the core content of this ▽◆★”explosive○▷” article is almost completely false. At the same time, I am surprised and confused◆-■, and I have the authors identity •=△.★■○☆.. The first thing of the tongue is first, the straight brother can tell you that this is “the state of” American professor to analyze Trumps statement on China Trade Sanctions “The most conspicuous is also the foundation of the full text in the article •☆★ litter in the ocean!

Original title◁=▽☆: US, do you really do this? Smart is smart. Recently◆▪, there are two things that have contrast. One thing is that China announces that the 128 products of the United States have increased tariffs●-□▼, and agricultural products are hittime, which makes the American Soybean Association panic•○◇▷. Kevin Scott, director of the US Soybean Association arrived in Beijing, as meeting with Chinese officials, hoping to maintain the normal trade of soybeans in the two countries•△▪-. Another thing is that Trump announced that the import of steel and aluminum products refer to China. Chinas Iron and Steel Industry Association is not humble. On March 31▪◁, Liu Zhenjiang, secretary-general of the Secretary-General Secretary of the Party Committee of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, said that Chinas steel industry, including the worlds half-Wanjiang Mountain☆…▪, nev▲▼△.