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sustainable apparel:Original title: The armed police force preparation reform has an unprecedented sea police force “When the soldiers enter the army▽▪” [Global Network Military March 22, the Global Times reporter Guo Yuan Dan] boots landed! Armed Police Gold•◆◆, Forest, and Hydropower Forces Adaptation to the Non-Service Professional Team; the Guangzhou Police Strength Transfer Armed Police Force-▷☆=; the public security border guard, the public security fire force, the public security guards all exited the service … 21 announced “Deepening Party and the country The specific adjustment plan involving the Mechanism Reform Program involves strong attention. According to the reform plan, the reform is in accordance with the army, the police is the police, the people are the principle of the people, and some of the active power of some armed police forces and the departmental leadership management of the State Council will have all the armed police to transfer the national marine bureau leadership management▼★. Armed Police Force, take the armed police force to the civ.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions 丨 Central Budget Network Supervision System Trial Operation can automatically capture abnormal data “Warning” New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Wei) Agenda for the 13th National Peoples Congress, tomorrow (March 8) Delegations will review budget reports. Last years 12th National Peoples Congress is clearly proposed, it is necessary to promote budgetary network supervision▷☆○. What is the progress of the budgetary network supervision work△•☆★? According to the Director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, Director He Jun, Director He Jun, director of the CPT today, the centralized budget network supervision system has begun trial operation, during the 13th National Peoples Congress, can provide data inquiry services for the participants. “For example▷…, in the draft budget▼••, if you want to understand more detailed data▼-△, you can learn more detailed data, you can pa material consulting post-consumer plastic – environment protecti apparel textile headliner upholstery!!

Original title○△: Beijing released a big wind blue warning tonight to tomorrow will have Level 7 gust in China Weather Network News Beijing Meteorological Opportunities on the 14th to release a large wind blue warning, affected by cold air, expected to be half-night to 15 days after 14 days The city will appear 4…◁, 5 northern winds, the gust can reach 7 levels▷▼◆, and the local area is accompanied by the sand; at the same time, the temperature has declined. Please pay attention to prevention. 1▷=★. Governments, relevant departments and units to prevent wind and wind preparations in accordance with their responsibilities, pay close attention to forests, grassland and urban fire prevention, airports, railways and transportation management departments should take measures to ensure traffic safety▪●; 2■★□=, stop high altitude, water outdoor homework and amusement Activity; 3, reinforcing blasts, sheds, billboards, etc. It is easy to be blown by wind blowing•▽, and properly resettle outdoor items that are easily damaged by win?

[Pantong★-, the vice president of the central bank•■•: Peoples Bank will support the rational needs of residents, especially new citizens to buy homes, and Pan Gongsheng, deputy director of the central bank, said in the press conference today▼•△, the current personal housing loan growth can meet the reasonable needs of the market☆▼▲, the peoples bank in this regard It will actively support the rational needs of residents•▷…, especially new citizens to buy housing. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor=…: Chu Xiaoh.