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upcycled fabric:Acrobatic teenagers ☆▷◇”escape plan” China News Week reporter / Yang Zhijie issued on 2021▪●.5.31 Total No▼•★△. 997 “China News Week” =•”Collective Traffic Event” has been more than a week, mid-May, 15-year-old Huazi returned to school He wore junior high school uniforms between clusters, participated in three exams, English△★, history and politics, and many questions will not be done▼▪◁○. Before the exam▪▷, the teacher special comforts him, ☆=”I can do it as much as possible, I cant do it slowly★★-.” On May 1st, four Wuqiao acrobatics◇△▪▪, who were headed by him, was lost during the Chengdu performance period. Among the four people, Huazi 15 is the largest, the younger brother is 12 years old-△☆△, Xiaoxin is 14 years old, the smallest a!

Beijing Winter Olympics▽◆…, 18 measures to reduce carbon emissions☆▲▽☆, winter Olympics to achieve green electricity full cover Beijing Winter Olympics, ▷○□”Hydrogen Energy + Tram + High-speed Rail” Xinjing News (Reporter Wu Yu Intern Li Zi) May 26 The Beijing Winter Olympics committee held the ◇-“low-carbon management work stage results”=◁•. Li Sen■▷, the general plan of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Ltd, Beijing Winter Olympics, the Beijing Winter Olympics has realized 100% green electricity around the low-carbon emission reduction, and the venue has achieved a three-star standard of green buildings. In addition, Liu Yimin, Minister of the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee Planning and Construction, introduced a number of ★◁○”real tricks” that realized the goals of low carbon venues. The Winter Olympics all reaches the three-star standard of green building.

Source◆▼■-: View Sea Solutions Original title•-▪: This big tiger actually let the businessman act as ●□▼”underground organization minister” legal evening newspaper news (Reporter Yue Sanfeng) March 31, Shaanxi, former vice governor Feng Xinzhu was excused by serious violations , Open private officers, and transfer to relevant state organs according to law. View journalists noticed that the Central Discipline member refers to its “request for private enterprises•◁…◁, and illegally selection appointment cadres”•▽. This kind of businessman is regarded as “Underground Original”, and it is not more common in the case where the cadre selection is in the case of the mid-management cadres in the front horse◁▪◆. Experts said that some official collusion is not a simple economic corruption problem◇▪◁, but a serious political corruption problem. Establish a new type, the relationship between the affinity, and the relationship is especially urgent and important. He is in charge of poverty alleviation, but he uses the poverty chapte. material sourcing continuous filamen – upholstery fabric.

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