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bioearth:Original title…■•◁: Contaminate the weather repeated, can the blue sky continue▲•◁? Ministry of Environmental Protection Respect League Chang Anjun (ID: Changan-J)☆◆: Today, 8:45 this morning▼▲•, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference held a press conference at the Multi-function Hall of the Central Metacity, invited deputy director of the Ministry of Environment, Huang Runqiu Waiting for 5 National Political Consultative Conference on the ☆□•”Improvement of Guarantee and Improvement of Minsheng” to answer reporters. When answering Beijing and other places have repeated▲-◁, whether the blue sky can continue▷○▷●, Huang Runqiu said that the first phase of the first phase of the atmosphere is fully realized, but the current atmospheric pollution governance situation is still in the weight-bearing climbing stage, the next atmospheric pollution The key to the governance is adjusted and optimized in three structures. Q: Significant results in our atmospheric pollution governance last year. Recent▽▽▷?

Original title: The government acts in accordance with the law (the rule of law) must say the hot words of the national two sessions, and the “rule of law government” is one of them=•…. The 19th National Congress of the Party pointed out that transforming government functions, deepening simplified judicial decentralization★▷▽, innovation and supervision methods, enhance government credibility and execution◆◁◇, and building a service-oriented government. In the past five years, from the list of the rules of the “Redhead document”, from the public to law enforcement●◁, the rule of law is going to progress. Each authority must have legal basis for the official website of the State Council, and a list of administrative examination and approval matters in the official website of the State Council. This is the first place in the central government to make a list of powers and show the bottom of the power. Executive according to law first must pay the statutory statutory, the construction of the rule of law, first to clarify the side of pow.

Original title: Guo Shuqing again☆■★■, the central bank △◁□”Super Central Bank” is coming▪=●? The Beijing News (Reporter Di Hou Runfang) The reform of the financial regulatory agency and the curtain of the personnel adjustment have been opened. According to the disclosure of the central bank▲▽, on the afternoon of March 26★▷▼▽, the central bank held the Cadre General. The relevant person in charge of the Central Organization Department announced the decision of the Central Committee on the main leadership of the Peoples Bank of China▽▷•☆. The 60-year-old Easy Out of the Peoples Bank of China△•▪○, the deputy secretary of the party committee•☆; the 61-year-old Bank Insurance Supervision and Management Committee Party Secretary=-◁, Chairman Guo Shuqing, and served as the Party Secretary and Deputy Director of the Peoples Bank of China▲▲○△. This decision has also been considered to break the previous central banks convention in the same person and the party committee secretary◇○. On March 21, Guo Shuqing has been appointed as the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commissio.

Xinhua News Agency, May 28▽◁△, May 28, the State Chair Xi Jinping Tong Pings Mutual Austrian President Van Deburren, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Xi Jinping pointed out in congratulatory diploma in 50 years, Central Olympics adheres to mutual trust, mutual benefit and win-win◁▼, and promotes the relationship between the two countries to continue to develop forward. In 2018▷☆, Zhongao established a new positioning of friendly strategic partnerships◁○◇=. The relationship between the two countries ushered in new development opportunities★▽. Political mutual trust is becoming more and more deepened…☆, and pragmatic cooperation in various fields continues to expand. In the process of joint fighting against neozopp pneumonia◇-△, the two sides helped each other and deepened the friendship between the two peoples. I highly attach great importance to the development of China-Olympic relations. I hope that President of Van Deburren is working hard to strengthen the construction of■■.

Data Map: Tiangong No-◇-○. 1 interior. China News Agency sent Qin Xianan★•. China News News Heaven★□, the Tiangong No. 1 is about to “curtain” to the ground. The probability of harm is very low on March 9▽◁▼◁. An article entitled ■•◇”Dont, Tiangong No.1″ is circulating in a circle of friendships, attracting many aerospace hobbies▪☆. The sadness of people=☆…. At around 19:00 on the 8th, Tiangong No.1 appeared in Beijing. It appeared from the northwest◁◆, rosted from the Arctic Star, “through” Beidou Qixing, disappearing in the northeast direction. The article said that for friends from Beijing and the surrounding areas, it is almost impossible to see Tiangong No.1 after March 9. According to the current track information, Tiangong No. 1 turned to this area next time should be early in early April▽●▪▽. But then, is it still there? The reporter learned that the track near Tiangong No▽■•.1 has dropped to 230 kilometer.