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textiles for packaging:Original title: Smoking in the train will ban 180 days Guangzhou Daily News (Full Media Reporter Lu Mengqian) Five▪○, in the train smokers will ban 180 days, the Yue Station, the hotel refuses to make up the ticket will be completed after completing the ticket I can take again again. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission=▷, the Central Civilization Office, the Supreme Peoples Court▲☆, the Ministry of Finance, the Human Resources and Social Security◇▷, the Taxation Administration, the Securities Regulatory Commission, the Railway Corporation issued -☆…”Regarding the appropriate restrictions within a certain period of time, the specific serious person is taken to take the train to promote the society▲★•▪. Opinions on the construction of credit system■☆•, all fields need to be included in the list of lost entertainment people in the high-level seat of the train to the national credit information sharing platform○•◁, and push to the railway head office▼□□-. Responsible for seriously affecting railway operation safety and production safety and specific serious falcipants limit their ride within a certain period of ti.

Original title: The revision of the Constitution is to better reflect the will of the people (in the guidance of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking in Xi Jinping – the representative committee) – the representative member considered the discussion of the draft Constitution Amendment “Peoples Daily” (2018 03 The 08th version of the month is amended to the current constitutional part of my country●○▼. It is a major decision-making that the Party Central Committee adheres to and develops Chinese characteristic socialism global and strategic highly decisions▼-★■. It is also to promote the national management system and governance◆☆. Major initiatives. The draft constitutional amendment fully promoted democracy in the formation process, concentrated on intelligence▽■•, reflecting the common will of party and people. On March 7th, the representative member of the nationwide session was attended to discuss the draft constitutional amendment. Representative member believes that the constituti▽☆●=.

Original title: Wang Yi: As long as there is political mutual trust, Himalayas also cant stop China and India. Abstract: China India wants “Dragon Elephant Dance”, rather than “Dragon Elephant battle.” Liberation Daily · View Journalist Zhu Yizhen Wang Hai Yan Chen Heiyi, when I replied to the Indian newspaper reporter about China India, Wang Yi said that the premise of the development of China-Indian relations, the leaders of the two countries reached an important strategic understanding, that is, Zhongri wants -●=■”Dragon Elephant Dance” instead of “Dragon Elephant Fight”. China Print 1 + 1 is not only equal to 2▽◇, more equal to 11▽■. In the past 100 years of change in the situation, we have seen people in the industry realized that the two developers in the development of more than 1 billion population have been moving toward modernization, and most importantly, mutual understanding★▼☆▷, mutual support-□▪, avoid mutual suspicion and mutual consumption▽▼▪▷. It is urgent to solve between medium printer△◆.

Original title: Hong Kong media pay attention to Asia vote signed the first to China Project: Help “Beijing Blue□◆-◇” Reference Information Network on March 21, Hong Kong Media said that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank signed the first to China on March 19th. In the construction of Beijing natural gas delivery pipe network, help “Beijing Blue”. According to the Hong Kong •▪★□”Asian Times” website reported on March 20, Jindun, Yamagou, said that climate change is the entire international community▲◇▼◆, including the common responsibility of multilateral development banks. By investing in clean energy, the Asia vote hopes to have their own responsibilities and curb global warming◆●△. In December 2017☆…-★, Ya Tao announced the approved loans of $ 250 million (about 1.582 billion yuan)•□, which covers approximately 510 Beijing villages, connecting 21.675 million familie◇▼◇.automotive upholstery – recycled polyester.