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environment protection:Original title: 100 billion! How does the United States have been conducive to China? China-US trade friction has a further upgrade▷▽▲. US President Trump issued a statement that he has instructed that the US trade representative considers whether to pay a tariff of $ 100 billion in Chinese goods under “301”. If appropriate, it is determined which items are appropriate to give a tariff◆•▲. Why is this progressive? Bai Ming, deputy director of the Institute of International Market Research Institute, Ministry of Commerce▷◁●, said that Trump issued this statement▪□, meaning that Chinas previous pending measures “truly hit the pain of the United States◇▲”. After the list of 301 taxation suggested in Chi.

Original title-•▷•: Collection of this thinking map▪▷▪★, understanding the new lineup of Chinas leading team this year…-◁○, the national two sessions meet, and the new leadership of the National Organization and the National Political Consultative Conference have been produced●=. The new lineup of the Chinese leaders has been formed••. complete☆□•▲. According to the two reports and related public information, the Peoples Daily, the peoples daily reports have drawn a new lineup of the Chinese leadership team▪○▷•, and understand products made from recycled materials eco-friendly sportswear! Is it too small to see? It doesnt matter, long press saved to your phone can zoom in pleated satin fabric eco friendly textiles – lingerie fabc single jersey cotton fabric!! Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang .

Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 27th (Wang Jue Li) For a week “Meet Happy Chengdu” 2020-2021 National Fencing Championship Final Finals successfully closed at the 27th•◁○, the last three personal gold medals a flower☆△=, Shaanxi Team, the other two were obtained by the Shanghai team, of which the Shaanxi team harvested a female sword gold medal=○▽. The Shanghai team won the female heavy sword gold medal and mens sword gold medal▲◆. The game site○…☆■. Li Li photo in the final of the womens sword◁▽, the players from Shaanxi team, Huang Zhan•◁☆◁, and Song Shihong from Fujian Team, launched a tight competition. Fujian team players to take injured competition, constantly narrowing the gap between opponents▪-△△, and chasing scores. Shaanxi team Huang Yu is the more and more brave★▷=…, the mo.

Original title: 2018 National two sessions 丨 Cao Jianming: For 5 years, a total of 120 Yuan Provincial Departmental ministerials will investigate the Beijing News (Reporter Wang Mengyao) March 9th, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate Cao Jianming was the thirteenth The first meeting of the National Peoples Congress attended the work. He mentioned in the report that since the 18th National Congress, the procuratorial organ has filed a discovery of 120 original provincial and ministerial levels of Zhou Yongkang, Sun Zhengcai, Order Plan, Su Rong and other cadres, and filed a public prosecution on 105 original ministries. The reporter noted that the plan▪=■, Su Rong was ■●△▽”named…▼■▲” in 2016, the highest inspection work report in 2016; Zhou Yongkang◁◆△▪, which was transferred to the judicial organ, and has been “some name” in the highest inspection work report in 2015▪▽. •◇”Tabi” of the procuratorial organ,.