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interior fabric:Protocol☆■★▽: Tianjin University Marxist College Yan Xiaofeng this talker: the first question of the first sector is how to understand Xi Jinping new era Chinese characteristic socialist thinking is contemporary China Marxism◁◇◆, 21st Century Marxism▲□▷▼? This is a problem with the outline of our first sector. Xi Jinpings new era of socialist socialism is the ideological banner of the Chinese Communist Party of the New Era□☆▪◇. It is the fundamental pointer of the national political life and social life▷◇○. It is leading China and affects the worlds contemporary China Marxism, 21st Century Marxism. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping as the main representative of the Chinese Communists, in accordance with the development of the times, from theory and practi◆…•▼.

The science meeting in 40 years ago◁△, like a meteor that rose in the night, let that generation of intellectuals see new hopes and usher in “Science Spring■▪”. ▲ The National Science Conference was held on March 18-31, 1978. Wen Wang Yanhu 40 years ago, a national scientific meeting with great historical significance came to an end▼-◁. Deng Xiaoping put forward the important provision of ☆▷”Science and Technology is the productivity”, and the “part of the intellectuals is also part of the working class”……-▷, “intellectuals are also workers”, which announced that the scientific undertakings of stagnation of ten years have ushered in new spring. At that time○▷□, the young scientific worker Chen Jia, who took this meeting, listened to Deng Xiaopings speech, he was excited to tears=△◆, □•◆”imprisoned and smashed, truly liberated-□■! For a lifetime to engage in research-=…◇, hope joanns deco mesh products made from recycled plastic bottles□▷ marine litter satin green!” Inner joy spray□☆.

Original title: I hope that Chinas Non-friendly big family “Da Yuan•★▲” (Top 03, 2018, May 27, 2018), China, China, China, is looking forward to achieving ▪●”big reunion”, with the cloth Na Fasuo returned to the friendly big family, and the middle-fly is moving toward this goal. On May 26th◇■▼▲, China and Burkina Faso were officially completed. The two sides jointly signed a repulnation commission in Beijing, declared the history of the two countries to open a new page, highlighting the peoples heart, and the general trend. Adhere to a Chinese principle▼◆-◇, this is the peoples heart. Acknowledges that there is only one in the world, the Government of the Peoples Republic of China is the only legal government in China▪△, and Taiwan is an indivisible part of China s territory◆◆▽☆. This is the fundamental premise and political foundation of any countrys relations△▼-, which has already become a recognitio.materials for swimwear – gingham plaid.