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stainless steel back 3atm water resiant – cinch sack recycled cotton t shirts canvas laccd,fabric wholesale:Original title△◁: The first Peoples Congress Press Conference Sino-US relations topic attracts the worlds eye Overseas network March 4, on March 4th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference in the Great Hall of the People, facing Chinese and foreign reporters Asked, the meeting spokesperson Zhang Yucai ◇○”See the Recruitment”, on the reform of government agencies, the supervision law□▷▷, the real estate tax law, the Chinese defense budget◇☆▽△, Sino-US relations, etc=•…. At this conference, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the topic related to Sino-US relations. Not only is the US media to pay attention to, Ying media▷…=, Russia, and even Korean media will grab relevant news in the first time◁▲. The Associated Press reported that at the press conference, the US media reporter asked the “2018 Sino-US relations will face more conflicts★△”, Zhang Yeyi said this○▲, the common interests of China and the United States are far more than the differences, cooperation is both side△■.

Dong Jianhua resolved Dong Jiahua, male…◆, Han nationality, May 1937■▪▼▲, Zhejiang Zhoushan, British Liverpool University graduated, university degree◁▽★. At the 13th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference. In 1947=△○▪, he graduated from Hong Kong in 1960 in 1960, the University of Liverpool△●, won the bachelors degree in the maritime engineering. Thereafter, in the US General Co◇◆▽., Ltd◁▽. and family company, he returned to Hong Kong to participate in the family group business in 1969, 1985-•★▲, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Basic University Advisory Committee member was held by the State Council Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, Xinhua News Agency, Hib to hunt as the first Hong Kong●▼•★. Consultant, MP member of the Hong Kong and British Government Executive Board of 1995 National Peoples Congress Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Preparatory Committee Member 1996-20.

Original title: China Nepal will once again military exercise again, and this is extra “Urgent” [Global Times Station○=, India ▪◆▷”Hu Bofeng]” India Times ▼■◇△”reported that China and Nepal will be in mid-September this year The joint military exercise of ○▲▪□”Everest Friendship-2018″ was held in Chengdu■△=, Sichuan. The newspaper said that even if Nepal is careful in diplomatic policies, it is still worried about India and Chinas “military diplomacy”. According to reports, this exercise is 10 days, and the main drills are disasters, combat terrorism▷▪●■. This is the second success of China. In April last year●▲▷, the first Zhong Ni “Everest Friendship-2017” military performance focused on the rebellion and anti-terrorism◆…◁◇. Hold in Kathmandu in Nepal▪…○●. “India Times▽▷” said that consideri★◆.