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marine waste:Short video has become a first tool for people ○▼▲”kill time”. Recently, the China Youth News Social Survey Center conducted a survey conducted by 2017 respondents by questionnaire network, six-to-respondents brush a short video over an hour◆•●□. From Internet addiction to mobile addiction, from playing game addiction▽-▷, brush Weibo addiction, brushing friends circle to brush short video addiction, as new things continue to emerge, addictive objects are constantly changing▼○. In this round of short video addiction, two major groups have received much attention. First○◇•, the minor population▪•★◆. In recent years, the proportion of this group contact short video is constantly climbing•-•. The newly released ▽◁★”Dynasty Short Video Adolescent Model○◁▽” shows that 70.8% of the interviewed mino☆▪.

Original title: Heavy pound! The 2018 National Science and Technology Award Nominates 1446, 45 do not accept reporters on the 23rd, from the National Science and Technology Awards Office, the 2018 National Science and Technology Awards have been completed, and the National Natural Science Awards•◁●, the National Technology Invention Award and the country 1446 nominated items in the Science and Technology Progress Award. There are 45 in the formal review of unqualified items and will not be accepted▲▼△▽. Among them☆…■, there are 3 national natural science prizes☆▽■□, 8 technical invention prizes (7 general projects…◆□, 1 special project), 34 scientific and technical progress awards (30 general projects•▷■-, 4 dedicated projects)■◁△■. According to the National Science and Technology Awards Ordinance○=★, 269 national natural science prize programs▽…•, 299 technical inventive awards=•, general projects, and 240 technical invention award●….

Original title○☆: Seven question problems vaccine is not flat, one wave of work. After the fake falsification of rabies vaccine production, Changchun Changsheng creatures were trapped in “潭▪☆◆▲”. On July 20th, the Changsheng Biological Announcement said that the wholly-owned subsidiary did not meet the requirements of the •▪◆◇”Bai Bai Broken” Vaccine ◇▼”Test” items, and was required to punish 3.44 million yuan▷◆▼. The market reflects obvious, after the incident, the long life creature continuously 5 decreased off plates, and the market value evaporates about 10 billion yuan. The event is confusing, the China New Agency is a seven issues that are most concerned about throughout the train. Q1▽■▷◆. What is the impact of rabies vaccine production records? On July 15th, the State Food and Drug Administration announced that Changchun Changsheng Biological Freezing Man used rabies vaccine to produce record fake and other violations of the “quality management of drug production”, and sa.

According to the supervision and commission of the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection: Zhang Jintong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Geological Mineral Exploration and Development of Henan Province, is suspected of serious violations, and is currently accepting discipline review and supervision of the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission. Zhang Jinxong, Zhang Jintong, male, Han nationality, born in November 1956, Henan Province, in-service graduate degree, July 1977▪•, July—◁. Work in July 1982■▲. July 1982, November 1983, the Old Township-◇, Henan Province, Old Township Towns, Vice Vice Township; November 1985 – In May 1985, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Malang Township Township Township, Taikang County●▪, Henan Province; 1985 5 Month – February 1986, Deputy Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Taikang County Committee, County Commission for Discipline Inspection; February 1986 – September 1986, Henan Provincial Party Par omega stainless steel back water resistant rayon fabric clothes garment!etsy lingerie – kitex products striped jersey fabric!