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upholstery supplier:Original title: GRP member Liu Shijin: GDP growth rate of 6.3% can achieve comprehensive construction of a well-off society on March 3, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the former deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center■●▽•, China Development Research Foundation Vice Chairman Liu Shijin In an interview with the “Daily Economic News••☆=” reporter in the station, the stage of Chinas economic growth has passed, and it is no longer pursuing unrealistic high growth. The potential growth rate of economic growth has declined, so be sure to pursue GDP “hang” The steering is truly based on quality efficiency. Image Source=•□•: Visual China, every reporter Li Wei, Huoxing, every editor of Chen Xing, opened out of the local economy “transcript” everywhere◇▼□▼, and slammed off the pure pursuit of GDP growth, by the past “speed plo.

[Day] Digital Transformation: It can be data according to application thinking to push data value◇▽▼•. Data aggregation, fusion▲○, application, and excavation of massive data from △■◆”Wan Lang◆▲”, which are the most basic form of digital economy. At this year, there are extensive discussions on topics such as “digital transformation”, integrity levels, such as economics and society, and make people more profoundly recognize that big data “aggregation◆★” and network security issues to be strengthened for this purpose. importance. Guizhou attempts and explorations in these areas provide a very valuable reference for digital economic high quality development▷=. Gathering, finishing, application, and big data value explore ◇▲▲▪”trilogy•▼◇”=○. Stand in a ma.

Source: Beijing Daily Original title•◆…▷: Beijing has a big snow▽▪•! There is a video with the truth environment protection! After the end of the year, I have turned over the spring and weather◁•◁◁. I went to the horror in the first two days. I hope that the snow in the whole winter seems to have only seen Xiaobian in my dreams or I know that everyone is a little snowflake. The audience of the game, but Beijing todays goose big snow◇■★, your letter, there is a video, you please see: Door Tagou Lingshan (Photographer▲•▷□: the latest fresh friends)? The wind is too big, didnt you see▪•? Lets take a luxury▼-, I will come back to the door (photographer: Zhao Xin)▽△●? Lingshans snow is big enough (photographer=●: Liang Chunlei) the boy thief! In addition to the doorway Winter Olympics, Yanqing also has sn.

Original title: Important signal seaqual fabric! The Director of the National Development and Reform Commission revealed a =☆○”mysterious△◁” number, shouted: amazed, my country•●=▽ tpu lamination! Today, the 13th National Peoples Congress, the news center today (6th) held a press conference, inviting the National Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Yifeng◇●, Zhang Yong, deputy director, deputy director, “innovation and improved macroeconomic regulation◆▲●•, promote high quality development “The relevant issue answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. Talking about He Lifeng-=: One year has reached $ 900 in the annual per capita post consumer recycled plastic – technical textiles.! For how to view the current Chinas economic situation, the main development and reform committee Lords Lifeng said that in 2017, the situation facing Chinas economy is very complicated, and □☆▲◁”Black Swan” incident is constantly=◁▲□, ■□”ashydrity▷•…▷” incident also★…●. Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping new e◁=●△?