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upholstery:Source■◁○: Legal Evening Repair Original title: Corruption acceptance of bribery sellers fishing faces the next level and the people they are called “a master☆▼” legal evening newspaper news (Reporter Dong Zhenjie) In July 2018, Anhui Provincial Department of Justice Original Party Committee, Deputy Hall Long-distance ruling is sentenced to 17 years in prison, and the penalty is 4 million yuan. The official of the male female girl in the public security, making many police officers. The reporter finds that many corrupt officials have been exploded in the officialdom or facing the people before falling, and this phenomenon is called “a master”▷=. “One Skate” brings ▷…□◇”overbearing culture●▷” and personal parties, pollutes the style★◁-, and destroys local political ecology. For example, Cheng Yi, the Hefeiyuan Public Security Bureau, Liaoning□•□▽, “Female▷☆”, Luo Yaping☆★, Xinzho.

China News Agency reporter▪=▼◇: In recent years, everyone is very concerned about childrens services and pre-education▽◆△, and social experts have also proposed a lot of opinions. Our government work report also clearly proposes to strengthen the supervision of childbearing services■▲-, and Extra the supply of pre-school education resources. Excuse me, what is the specific initiatives in this regard, and what is the legislative work of school education now? Chen Baosheng◁▷: School education is the fastest part of Chinas education in the new era◆◁▲▷, and is also one of the largest shortboards in China. All aspects are highly concerned about school education★•. Here I clarify a concept, pre-school education refers to the teaching of children aged 3-6, is the kindergarten stage that we often say. Chen Baosheng: All aspects are highly concerned, especially young parents, this has become hi.

Original title: 5 Before the Beijing Director of the Branch Office, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was forwarded the status of the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission…=•☆, informing the disciplinary review and monitoring of Liu Fenghai, the original party group of the Liaoning Provincial Administration◁▷, Director Liu Fenghai. Liu Fenghai has been “double” and transferred the judicial organ. According to the supervision committee of the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Liu Fenghai is suspected of accepting bribes and abuse of power•★◆●. After investigation, Liu Fenghai seriously violated the partys political discipline, against the organization review; violating the spirit of the central provisions, violating the private corporate banquet, super standard rental week turn, violation of gifts…▷•, illegal gifts•●□; violation of organizational discipline–•◁, not Rarely report personal matters; violation of integrity discipline, violation of profit activities; violation of work discipline, violation of the rules and housing, violation of land; violating life discipline. Utilize your positi?

Original title: The Ministry of Transport will start the III response defense Typhoon “Ama•☆▪” New Beijing News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Transport that Typhoon “Anab” is expected to be night to the 22nd day of July 21st In Wenling•□▪, Zhejiang Province▼=, Luidong landed in Qidong, the wind can reach 10-11○▼, then continue to move in the northwest. According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, from 14:00 on the 20th◆▽, 14th, the Donghai Middle East will have 6-9 winds, the wind power of the East China Eastern Sea in the Typhoon Center can reach 10-11, and the gust is 12-13○=◇◇. According to the current control of the current flood control system and the “comprehensive emergency plan”, on July 20th, the Ministry of Transport launched the defense typhoon III response. Ministry of Communications requires transportati! cotton material stab proof fabricrecycled material clothing made from recycled materials 210D recycled nylon oxford fabric lemon yellow color for bags and apparel,