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material sourcing :Original title: ▷▲●”Zhongnanhai female painter” special tasks at the national two sessions from the National Peoples Congress from Sichuan delegation, 16 representatives of He Xuebin◆○, Vice President of Meishan City, Sichuan Province, submitted to the General Assembly “About the New Era☆▷□” “National Lei Feng Cultural Alliance” Suggestions “◆○. It is suggested that the spirit of Lei Feng encountered a difficult situation in the current dissemination of society, and should be the management mechanism of the “National Lei Feng Culture Alliance” and included in the Central Management System of the Communist Youth League-◆▽. According to media reports, the female representative of this proposal is submitted to the “special task◆▷”, which is often -■■”passenger string” during the two sessions▲◆◁, and introduces other representatives in various settles, the paintings of the venue. Because there are many paintings, it is from her pen. Public!

Original title: Dont use it online He has been refreshed with “World of Warcraft◆■★●” World Record, why do you call this in the CPPCC…▪▽•? ☆▷△”There is no absolute security microfiber jersey fabric telfar bag security program most sustainable materials – corporate officwear. christmas jersey fabric single fitted flannelette sheets!” I have seen Jian Feng many times in different occasions, and this sentence is almost every time△△. Every new Internet technology application concept is released, he always splashes a pot of cold water==▼. When IPHONEX, “Peoples Face Recognition” is fried◆●◆, he said: “The password is lost, but the biological information is not renewable. Once the leaks, sorry, you cant have a second face.” He has Two mobile phones, one is iPhone–•, used to go online▷◁•△; another is Huawei, only to call, completely disconnected. As a person in the Internet industry, such a lifestyle, there is no “anti-Internet”. Taking into account his identit.

China News Agency…▷■=, Beijing May 27 (Reporter Li Xiaoxiang) The peak of the Spokesperson of China University of Commerce stated that China and the United States should work together to promote the implementation of the first phase of the economic and trade agreement. According to the US Department of Agriculture, China has accelerated the purchase of American corn since May 7•★△. At the press conference held on the same day■◆◆◁, the first phase of the Economic and Trade Agreement in China is conducive to China○▼, which is beneficial to the United States, which is conducive to the whole world. The two sides should work together to create atmosphere and conditions, and promote the implementation of the agreement●•=. (End) [Editor○◇-■: Chen Haifen.