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Seaqual:Original title: To alleviate the development of the deficit, the “Peoples Daily●▽” (June 13, 2018) is to reach the people, this is the moral consciousness of the Chinese nation inheriting thousands of years▽●, promoting human beings together Progress is the political consciousness of socialist China◇◆★•, “Confucius Deng Dongshan and Xiaolu, and Xiaoxianshan○○☆.” The 18th Meeting of the Heads of Shanghai Cooperation Organizations, the 18th meeting of the Qingdao, successfully concluded, and Xi Jinpings important speech in the worlds general publicity. President Xi Jinping puts forward the development concept▪◁△, safety concept•◁★◁, cooperation••, civilized concept and global governance of todays era, and the global governance concept○●☆•, which has specified the common progress of countries in the worlds various varietions. Among them, the development concept is answered that the roots determine the peoples well-being and the international situation tren▲▲.

At the 13th National Peoples Congress, I held a press conference at the Peoples Gaocational Press Release Office on March 4th, and the General Assembly spokesperson answered questions about China and foreign journalists on issues related to the Agenda and Peoples Congress. Southern Metropolis reporter reporter is 14 years, the Constitution will usher in the fifth revision, which will be a major event in the national political life. Why do spokesperson will make a constitution in this time node☆○△? Which aspects will be considered? to modify? Thank you▼☆▷◁. An important task of Zhang Yifeng this conference is to revise the content of the Constitution▲▲, consider and through the constitutional amendment▪-□★. In January 2018, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress on the revision of the Constitution. The Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress proposed a draft constitutional amendment based on the discussio!

Original title: Jilin City on the punishment of 17 refusal to serve the military service personnel Jilin City 2017 recruitment work, under the joint efforts of party committees▷◇▲, governments and military service at all levels, the conscription work presents a good development, and the majority of young people are actively signed up. The proportion of college students is significantly improved, and the quality of soldiers has improved▪★•=, which is better completed the annual military service collection task. However○☆•, the following 17 people are not unconfined from the will of the army. They cannot adapt to the training and life, and they have repeatedly submitted to the troops to apply for▽★…, forces, military service organs and parents-□▲•. After the force is invalid, they are returned by the troops. According to the “Military Service”, the State Council “on the establishment of improvement of trustworthiness joint incentives and faith joint punishment system◆◁●◆, accelerating the guidance of social integrity construction” (Guofa [2016] No. textile Next Posts» recycled fabric supplier upcycled textile,!