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ocean plastic:In the Great Hundred Years of the Party, Xibo is a dazzling red landmark■◇☆-. On March 23, 1949, the Party Central Committee went to Beiping from West Berbia. Chairman Mao Zedong said☆●☆: “Today is the day to get to Beijing▪■☆•.▪▽■” On July 11, 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Xibaipo, solemnly said when talking on the local party members and cadres=•: “The party faced by the party is far from the end “In Xibai•●◇,▪●•…” Two Be sure ◆▷”is warned, crossing time and space, echoing;…▼▷” The ●▲”The” Far “is not over☆-◆○”, the teachings-◆, echoes the era, and urge people. Court – Deep Thoughts of =•■★”Two Beginners” [Red Footprints · Xibahpo Memorial, Central Site] July 20.

Original title•◇=: China has obtained the network of technology, the US media: It is time to learn from China September 10☆=•, 2017, at the 2017 World Internet of Things Expo held in Wuxi, the audience visited the exhibition●☆. Xinhua News Agency, Ji Chunpeng Reference Message Network, March 7, US “Forbes=◆” Shuangweek website March 5th issue is the article “We can learn from Chinas Internet of Things○•”, the author of American Cisco Macei Cranz, former vice president of system company, believes that China has become an intentional network technology leader, and the article is extracted as follows◇★▲: 25 years ago▷◇○, I first visited Beijing◆○■■, I was crowded with people◆▽, bicycles and trucks on the street. I just ended my 14th China trip, although there was a busy way to traffic, but there was a significant difference. n.

In late March, Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities issued a new talents□★, collect high-end talents around the world, and in the context of the Tourist Policy in Beijing and Shanghai, the “gift package▼◇” that can be settled in accordance with those who meet the requirements. Since this year-□★, many cities across the country have released the “Talents” new government★▽▽-, and the eligible talents will receive a large-scale policy incentive including settlements, rent subsidies, security fees, entrepreneurial loans. The most representative of Xian is based on the statistics of Xian Public Security Bureau. In the first three months this year, Xian moved into the population has reached 210,000-•■◇, approaching the total amount of population in the year last year-◆▼. Within 3 days from March 22nd to 3 days, Xian has moved into 15,555 population, including 332 degree or above▪◇▽, 6107 undergraduate degrees, and 2443 college degree. This talent battle can be described as each last yea!

Yang Zhenwu resume Yang Zhenwu, male, Han nationality, born in May 1955, Hebei Xinle, in September 1978, join in April 1975, Join the Communist Party of China, Central Party School graduate degree, senior reporter▲◇★◆. He is currently a member of the 19th National Central Committee, the Secretary-General of the Thirteen National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, and the President of the Peoples Daily. 1973-1973 Hebei Xinle County Ma Toupu Communications Dongzhuang Village Affairs, Secretary of the Brigade Branch, 1973-1975◆☆▷, Hebei Province, Xinle County, Hebei Province, Mado Putu, Assist Work, Deputy Secretary of the Commune Group, 1975- 1978, Nankai University○■▷▪, Nankai University Language and Literature Professional Learning 1978 – 1984 Peoples Daily Side Editorial Building Editor 1984 – 1987 Peoples Daily News reporter station reporter 1 custom reusable shopping bags○-■ 100Dx150D waterproof RPET fabric blended with virgin poliester for autumn – synthetic lea satin thread poly patch twill,!

Original title: The intentions finally went home viscose organza! The fifth batch in the Han Zhijun Martyrs remains returned to the country CCTV★▽▪. Yesterday (March 28), the fifth batch of 20 in the Han Chinese Peoples Volunteers Martyrs, from the Chinese Air Force Airport to transport back to the country. The transfer ceremony was performed on time on time at 10:00 am, and the Korean army band played music▲•◆=. The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Passengers took over the Hanfang soldiers, and the representatives of China and South Korea signed a handover, confirmed the remains of 20 volunteers. The remains of the Martyrs and related Relics. The Chinese ambassador to South Korea is the remains of the volunteer martyrs○•▪▽, and all Chinese people have to volunteer martial arts. Subsequently, the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Square escort the remains of the martyrs boarded the air force○□. The Air Forces staff team pays tribute to the volunteer martyrs□▼. 20 椁 is ne?