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sustainable fabric suppliers:China News Service (Feng Zhijun Cao Mei Lin) Since the beginning of this year, the fruit of Gansu▲▷-•, the “Chinese Duxe○▷△”▲★, continued to broaden the “friends circle”•◆, and 527 tons of Dunhuang red dates and grapes have been Take the table on the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Canada and other countries. Lanzhou Customs released the news report that the 1…-.6-ton red dates product from Dunhuang recently exported to the United States in Dunhuang Airport, Dunhuang Airport□★▼•, Lanzhou Customs★◆. This is the first time in Dunhuangs red dates to enter the US market○☆-▲. In order to reduce the influence of the epidemic=•-, the relationship from the source of field plants, guiding corporate science planting, further enhanced the quality and safety of agricultural products in export characteristics. Dunhua◆….

At the invitation of Prime Minister of the State Council, the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, Angera Merkel, will formally visited China from May 24th to 25th▲◆▷. Q: According to reports, US President Trump said that the second meeting of Jin Jongan Chairman and President Xi Jinping caused North Korea to change the attitude of the Peninsula☆…○=. What is Chinas comment=▽? A: I dont know if you are collecting▷☆, is not the original text of the President Trump. In fact, President Trump has made a lot of expressions on the peninsula, including the upcoming Metropolitan leaders in recent hours. As for the role of the Chinese side on the peninsula, everyone is very clear. First, the main propositions and positions on the peninsula issue are consistent. Regardless of the position of other parties◆▼●◇, there have been such or such changes◁○•◇, the middle position has never chang△◁●★.

China News Agency■☆, March 26 (Reporter Yu Rui Dong) Canada is planning to launch the Moon in the next 5 years by planning to cooperate with NASA (NASA)◁…. The Canadian Government discloses to the media on May 26, discloses new progress to the promotion of the probe project. According to the Plan of the Canada, Canadas moon will carry at least two scientific equipment in Canada and the United States within 5 years, and log in to the moon to perform tasks for collecting moon surface images and data. At the same time, the moon car will try to experience a full-cold and dark test of a complete month night. One month is equivalent to 14 days on the earth△…●. First step in the moon car project▽△▪◆, Cana.wholesale fabric distributors – performance fabc textile distributor textile solution,