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post consumer – polyester yoga fabric wholesaler togetherforacleanocean,textile for packaging:Original title: Military situation Da Xiu muscles-□☆! The US ☆▽☆”News Week” website recently issued the “Training of Chinas Army to Challenge the United States in China▼○, Chinas Max Size Training▲▪•”, China official media According to the 15th, the China Marine Corps has already conducted the largest of similar military training in China, and there were more than 10,000 officers in the domestic cross-region. This is an unprecedented force show▽▪. ▲ The US “News Week” website reported that the screenshot was allegedly kicked off in the 12th, over 10▽◇△,000 miles (about 2000 kilometers) were taken by 10•○◆,000 miles (about 2000 kilometers), and they arrived at Yunnan Province and Shandong Province. Training base. The officers and men use the combination of air▽☆, waterways, railways, and motorcyculation◇◇.

Original title: my country released foreign investment payment institutions to restriction Xinhua News Agency=▪, Beijing, March 21 (Reporter Xu) reporter learned from the Peoples Bank of China from China☆○▷○, in order to promote the formation of payment service market◆▲○•, the central bank has released an announcement , Clear foreign investment payment institution access and regulatory policies. Welcome and encourage foreign institutions to participate in the development and competition of Chinas payment service market. According to the announcement△▲, foreign agencies intend to provide electronic payment services for domestic transactions and cross-border transactions in my country◁▼, and should set up foreign investment companies in China, and obtain payment services and procedures according to the conditions and procedures of the ▷▪”Regulations” of Non-Financial Institutions. license. Announcement clearly defines the payment business infrastructure. Foreign investment payment institutions should have safety•▲○, standardization, and energy in our countr.

Original title: Liu Jie Yixiu Yu Munming will attend the Qingming Public Sacrifice Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor, which reported Shaanxi…☆, reported on the 29th of Shaanxi Daily●•. The reporter learned from the Provincial Party Office on March 28 that the Qingming Kong Sacrifice Xuanyuan Huangdi will be on April 5th○▼. Ling County Qiaoshan Square Square was held, the Central Taiwan Work Office, Director Liu Jieyi▲◆, Director of the State Council, Taiwan Affairs Office, Hong Xiuzhu◁▪, the Chinese National Party Chair, Yu Mumin★●•▪, etc. More than 300 Taiwan, the compatriots will attend the public festival…★. The Ching Ming Festival is the traditional festival of the Chinese nation△□○…, and the Huangdi Mausoleum is the spiritual identification of Chinese civilization. The public festival activity will be the main purpose of ○=▷◁”traceability, roots○▼, condense, cast”, call on all Chinese children, do not forget, and jointly inherit the traditional Chinese culture. Source□●-■: Shaanxi Daily Editor: Zhang ? bioearth