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upholstery supplier – import polyester yarn,econyl:Original title▷▲■: One blessings▷★, a positive platform source★●: Changan Street▪☆◇△, “May 1 slogan” released the 70th anniversary■□, the Chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Political Consultative Conference, President Ge Hujun attended a special commemorative event on April 28■◆●▽. In order to promote the work of the CPPCC to expand the position in the new media field, Zhejiang created the □◆▽”Tongxinyuan” WeChat public number-●▽, focusing on building a garden, promotional windows, promoting the window, hoping to let more people listen to Zhejiang stories•▲•, the story of the CPPCC Ge Huijun speaking long-term publicity work, Ge Hujun has a deep insight into new media communication. She asked the Political Consultative Conference to publicize the work “enthusiasm to embrace” Internet△▽, insisting on the content of the king, strengthen user thinking, innovate in the form. This is also the emphasis on Ge Hujun at the Tourism Association of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference on the 26t!

Original title: Chinese female reporter experience Phuket flock accident: The most terrible two and a half hours in Thailand, at around 5:45 pm local time, two boats containing 127 Chinese tourists are returning to Phuket Incidentally☆●•, a large storm☆◇…, in the coral island and Madong Island. As of about 6:50 on July 6, the search and rescue personnel have found 17 victims, and the number of victims of the ship has risen to 17 people▪•●=, and most of the remains of the remains is about 2 kilometers from the direction of the incident. When the picture is trapped, the reporter Lin Yingying is on another boat in the waters□=, in the huge waves of the wind, after 2 and a half hours of life and death○•△, eventually escape◁◇, safe return. The following is her experience: Thailand local time 22:35, husband is sti★▽.

On March 18 (Sunday) At 9 am●●…△, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress will hold the sixth plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People. The reporter can have a reporter certificate and the media guarantee certificate from the conference, from the first door of the Dongmen South side of the Peoples General Hall□■, the first door of the East Gate, with the second floor reporter certificate, the third floor reporter certificate in the Great Gift Hall After the 11th row in the first three districts (including 11th row) and the first five and seven districts “reporter seat■◆△”. Reporters interviewed at each floor, please stop the scene on the spot 5 minutes before the beginning of the meeting. After the meeting begins, please stay quiet☆=▲☆. In order to respect the voting rights of the representative…◆■, the reporter invited the report by the on-site staff in the on-site staff in the on behalf of the staff▷••□. Before the meeting, after the end•=△…, the reporter can be under the steps of the East Gate of the People (except the Western Road Road in Plaza) and lar○▷◆◆.

Original title: Unneeded New Era Glory Mission (Editorial) National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference opened today in Beijing today. With the pace of the new era, there should be a look forward to more than 1.3 billion people■□, and more than 2,100 new National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference gathered to the capital□▼, and jointly contributed to the reform and development. We congratulate the congratulations to the conference car roof lining fabric polyester bottles! A period of five years▽◁, a five-year step-◆●, Chinas development advancement is closely related to the rhythm of national political life. I have just been in the past five years•☆, in the process of development in the party and national development=●□▽. Since the 18th National Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has led the whole partys national people to meet the people, and the new era of the new era of the new era. In the great practice of exploring the reform road▼◁□◇, realizing the great practice of Chinese dreams, the Peoples Political Consultative Conference and the Republ.

Original title◇●: Sino-Japanese conversation accelerates more throttle▷▽, and today●▲▼▲, the fourth China-Japanese economic high-level dialogue is held in Tokyo☆□-◁. This is the restriction of this deputy-prime ministean dialogue. This dialogue, bilateral economic cooperation, third party cooperation, East Asian economic integration is the focus of talks. In recent times=▷○, China-Japanese relations have maintained improved towards, and there are many active interactions between the two sides. The high-rise economic high-level conversation of this Sino-Japanese economy is restarted in 8 years◁△, which is happening in the context of the improvement in China and Japan. On April 15, Wang Yi, a member of the State Council and Foreign Minister, officially visited Japan, and held a talks with Japans outer poorheon•☆▷. Xinhua News Agency (Lu Shaowei photo) China-Japanese relationship is improved, it is a good thing, objective needs=……◁, and is subjective. China and Japan strengthens economic and trade cooperatio textile clothing!