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sustainable fabric supplier:Original title•□●▲: The United States 301 investigates the fact that China strengthens intellectual property protection, ignoring the rules of the WTO, ignoring the voices of the industry, China resolutely oppose and confident▲★▷, there is any challenge – who wants to fight trade war, China is accompanied by the end◆◆=•! On March 22nd■▽, the US President Turkish signed a memorandum, based on the China 301 investigation report released by the US Trade Representative Office▪△, the Directive Relevant departments take restrictions on China◇▲…. “The United States ignores the facts of China to strengthen intellectual property protection○…☆★, ignore the rules of the WTO, ignore the voices of the industry■•, is alone■◇, this is a typical single-sided and trade protectionism, China resolutely opposed▲▽.” Ministry of Commerce spokesperson March 23 Say▪•, in any case, China will not sit on the legitimate rights and interests, we have made fu▽•□●.

Original title◆◆◇•: During the Qingming period, the Beijing-Tibet Expressway will shocked the secondary road Xinyang News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) March 31 to April 8th, this year, this year, the Qingming Festival sweeps the peak day○•…. The reporter learned from the city transportation department yesterday that it was free from the high speed ( From April 5th to 7th) and the peak peak of outing☆▷△, the peak of the peak of the peak is 8▽★◁:00 to 11, and the surroundings around the cemetery are prone to congestion. The Municipal Traffic Management Bureau said that the peripheral roads in some cemetery will take temporary traffic control●▼, and the public can choose to wind according to the prompt information★=▷▲. According to the Municipal Transportation Committee forecast, during the “Qingming◁□○” period this year, the annual traffic volume of the toll road in the city will break through the highest value of the holiday history (253.32 million) in the May Day holiday (253▼★-.32 million)●▪-▷, reaching 25.5 million, compared with the same period last year (23.877 million) The increase is about 7%. Single day traffic summit is expected to crea chinese seaqual fabric▪•■ fabric suppliers – performance textile sustainable fabric! eco-friendly textile!

[China has a gorgeous turn of the company▼○◁: from “Broken Broken Network” to Yantian Village○•-, Hantian Village, Southeast, and Yanshan, the southeast coast of Yongdong, is the pure gathering of Funjia boat people in the southeast coast of Fuan City. Fisheries Village●-. Lianjia ship people take the ship as home◁=, fishing goods is industrial◁▲■, all year round, and live unclear. ▪▪•”A broken ship hangs net, the ancestors of the three generations are squeezed▼•; catching fish and shrimp chapet, leaking the leakage time.” Jiang Guan-◆, the secretary of the party branch of the village, recalled the life on the ship, and filled the emotion▽★☆●. Unexpectedly, the old, no learning, there is a disease, this is the true portrayal of the tragic life of the company. Xiki Village of the village▪□. Peoples Network Wu Siyu to solve the village of Xi.