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sustainable products:Original title: Wang Dongming, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, was selected as the Chairman of the Chinese General Federation of Trade Unions, Zheng Li=▼, Zhang Rui Zhonghua, the eighth chairman of the 16th Executive Committee, held in Beijing today, and the meeting of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Wang Dongming For the chairman of the Chinese National Federation of Trade Unions. Previously, the Central Committee of the Communist Party decided that Comrade Li Jianguo no longer also served as the chairman of the Chinese National Federation of Trade Unions. At the 16th Bureau of the 16th Presidium◇▪☆△, the Secretary of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the Secretary of the Central Committee◇◆•, the Minister of the Central Organization, Chen Xi△▷, made a statement on the relevant personnel matters◇◁, and Comrade Li Jian Guo has served as the chairman of the National Federation of Trade Union since the work. The results are fully affirmed. Li Jianguo thank you for your support and help from all levels of trade unions and employees at all levels in five years●▲▪□. He said that I believe in Xi Jinpin?

Original title: About WeChat public account “Lushan Road No•▪. 0″ reflects the reply in our hospital, and the respondment of our hospital is on June 11th, the WeChat public number -◆◇○”Lushan Road No○□•…. 0◁=•” is published in the article, for Hunan Kaida Financial Information and Shenzhen Excellence A case, the company believes that the judgment of the case is calculated△■, and the provincial high school ◆★”refuses to correct low-level errors”. Our hospital attaches great importance to the situation of the reflection, and Tian Jiwen, the president of Tian Ji, immediately instructing the discipline inspection and supervision and trial management department to form a survey team=•△, and carefully verify the case, and deal with it according to law=◆-☆. The majority of netizens are welcome to supervise our work according to law. Hunan Provincial Senior Peoples Court June 11◁•○, 2018▪●, according to WeChat public number: Lushan Road No. 0 Article 384 + 535 = 974◆△△? The consequences of Peng Chunling judges in Hunan High Cou!

Original title: Two Air Forces will be 91 years old Source: Legal Evening News View News (Reporter Zhao Sanjun Wang Ruiwen) On March 3, 2018, the Chinese Air Force fell to the same day, they were the original air force The commander Linji will, the original Beijing Military Region Deputy commander and the Air Force of the Air Force will be born in the same year, and they will be trained in the first generation of the Republic, together to fight, and the rankings of the same Dreaming on the same day●▪●=, the year is 91 years old. Before going to the world, I was hospitalized in the same hospital. Lin Huang has passed the National Peoples Congress, and the first public committee members have been awarded the “Chinese Peoples Liberation Armys Independent Monument Honor Medal,” all for the development of Chinas air military industry, pouring their bomework○■=, becoming a new Chinese Air For.

Original title: Hebei Tang responded “Transportation Bureau law enforcement vehicle illegal”: The relevant responsible person has been suspended “Hebei A transportation Bureau multiple law enforcement vehicles involved in the media”◆☆, Hebei Province…■▽☆, Tang Tang County Committee On the 21st, the relevant responsible person has been suspended. On the 21st▲•, there was media report that many roads and transportation management law enforcement vehicles were missing vehicles in the traffic departments in Hebei Province. In response to this, the propaganda department of the Tang Tang County Committee of Hebei Province said that in the chaos of the Tang County transportation department system○★○, it involved missed inspection, and the scrapped vehicles have been investigated by the county public security traffic department according to law…□■▪. At the same time, the relevant responsible persons of the Tang County Road Administration Station and the Transport Management Station involved in this matter have been suspended. Editor in charge-▪▼◇: Huo !

The original title China aircraft carrier formation size “World Rare” Taime Med Medal: Vigive Memorial [Global Times reporter Guo Yuan Dan Global Times station station special reporter Xiao Shi Qingmu Chen Yi Liu Yupeng] “There are more than 40 ships in the Liaoning ship to Nanhai practical drills Satellite exposure of the stunned amethist□☆. “Not long ago△○■▼, I still worried that the Liaoning ship aircraft carrier has passed the island of Taiwan through the island of Taiwan. Among the day▲◇, the international media reported that this time, the South China Sea exercise from Liaoning Ship, or the scope of the military◇○, it is an unusual□□▲, large-scale display of military power. A professionally requested anonymous to accept the “Global Times” reporter in the 28th☆◆★△, said that if the satellite image is true◇○, the ship formation of the Liaoning ship is so larg super bulky yarn gatorade water bottle new innovative fabrics oceanworks plastic denim patchwork quilt,!