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textile company:Xinhua News Agency Biskek May 27th China Peoples Liberation Army aid Kyrgyzstan military equipment handover ceremony held in Bishkek in Bishkek, Ji Decresses•-, Ambassador, China, attended the ceremony. Ommraleyev expressed its heartfelt thanks to the Chinese government and the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army at the ceremonies□=. He highly evaluated Ji Zhongs comprehensive strategic partnership and cooperation in all areas of the two countries……-, and said that Ji Fang will work together with China to maintain greater contribution to safeguarding the security of two countries and regions. Dudewen said that Zhongji is a friendly neighboring and comprehensive strategic partner, the relationship between the two countries and the traditional friendship…◆★, and the results of cooperation in various field.

Source…△: Air Force released this afternoon, the Chinese Air Force I 76 transport aircraft travels from Shandong Weihai Airport to South Korea□△, implementing the fifth batch of remarks in the Han Chinese Peoples Volunteers Martyrs, so that the Union returned to the hometown before the Ching Ming Festival. The Air Force Aviation Armor who was responsible for this transportation task was started four consecutive transportation in the Han Chinese Peoples Volunteers Martyrs•■-■. In order to ensure that the aircraft welcomes the martyrs in the most solemn gesture, the crew carefully organizes the internal and outer environment of the cabin, and installs the 椁 椁•◇-☆, attracts the collision strip. It is understood that on the morning of the 28th◆▲•, China and South Korea will hold a handover ceremony at the airport…☆△▲, and the Air Force transporter will welcome the remains of the volunteer martyrs. After entering my emptts, the air force two 歼 11 fighters will escort all the way to the destination Shenyang Taoxia◁◇•.

Original title◆▼□…: The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee of the Music in Huanle□▽•▷, the amount involved in the case: Changan Street In March this year=◆, Yang Guowen, member of the Wulanchaburg City Committee of Inner Mongolia●□=■. After 3 months, the double opening report shows that this person arranges relatives to eat empty□•, engage in emphasis, and suspected of accepting bribes…□☆, huge property sources are unknown◁□•. Changan Street, Id=▷◇: CapitalNews, found that Yang Guo Wen started to go out to find a happy fun every 9:00 every night▲◁, and the amount involved in the case, the cadres involved▷◆▪, and the bosses involved in the case have more than 100 people. Moreover, some bosses have been talking about the task of talking, and they have dressed in red scarves, wearing red socks, even the red insole is embroidered, and the three words “step on the villain” is trying to make a clearance. Yang Guowen Yang Guowen case is the first case in investigated and punished after the establishment of the Supervision Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regio▷★•◇?

Source: Changan Street Gearter WeChat public account original title: Shenzhen connected output 5 party and government officers Shenzhen, Guangdong deputy provincial-level cities, and Guangzhou side-class “double engine”. As one of my countrys first special economic zone, Shenzhen is not only widely praised due to high quality development, but more and more excellent cadres coming out here. Only two years in 2016 and 2017, Shenzhen sent 2 “one hand•◆” to the national provincial government. During this time, the Secretary of Ma Xingrui, who was hosting in Shenzhen, secretary of the two municipal party committees of Guangdong Province, governor, governor☆•▪○, deputy secretary, and governor of Hebei Provincial Party Committee. Changan Street△◆△, Id: Capitalnews, noted that in addition to Ma Xingrui, Xu Qin◁-, in recent years, Shenzhen also outputs at least 5 municipal party and government officers. Southern Daily this mon△=! let”s save the environment great pacific garbage patch solutions cheap wholesale jewelry – cotton tote bags recycled cotton heavy duty nylon mesh fabric,