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seaqual polyester:Original title: Hu Chunhua Deputy Prime Minister will visit Burkina Faso◁△▪▽? Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded [Global Network Comprehensive Report] On July 6, 2018, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Quan hosted a routine press, and you have announced the news of Hu Chunhuas vice prime minister will access Burkina Faso. I know that Chinas two countries have just been in just more than a month, then what special significance is this Chinese government delegation visited Burkina Fas▷★? What are the arrangements for access●▲? What is the main expectation of China? Lu Hong responded that on May 26th▼◇☆, China and Burkina Faso signed the two countries in Beijing, officially announced the resumption of ambassador level diplomatic relations. After the release of the Chinese cloth☆△◁=, the relations between the two countries have developed smoothly○-…▲, and each department fully resumes interaction links, and all fields are unordered. Burkina Faso President Kabare will be invited to atte▪◁••.

Original title▼☆▽: “Makeup” returns to the popular fire Jiuzhaigou scenic spot for three days, the ticket has been sold out▪★■. The picture of Chuanxuan Watching Chuanchuan newspaper observation on March 15 news▼◇▷, ■■”Makeup★▲▼” returns the fairy tale world Jiuzhaigou people still fire. From March 15th to 17th, the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot has been sold out in the next three days★□•▲. This is the information obtained from Aba State Wenba Company on March 15. On March 8, according to the principle of □◆•”limited area△☆, limited flow, limited time, limited” principle, …◆◇○”closed” 7 months of Jiuzhaigou scenic area to restore the external open. The scenic spot is open every day from 8▽★▼•:00 to 17:00, and the daily reception is strictly controlled within 2,000 people. At 12 oclock on March 14, the scenic spot had received 10,196 visitors, and about 1456 visitors were received a day. On the same day▼△, the reporter from Aba Prefectu.

Original title: (Society) The original deputy secretary of the Wuwei Municipal Committee of Gansu Province, Tao Junfeng…▽, was suspected of accepting bribery, and the Xinhua News Agency Lanzhou May 2 (Reporter Wang Bo) reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, Wuwei Municipal Committee for the original deputy secretary Tao Junfeng (Zheng Hao Levels) Allegedly charge bribes, recently, by the Gansu Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, Lin Ze County Peoples Procuratorate filed a public prosecution to Linze County Peoples Court. Lin Ze County Peoples Procuratorate Indigmated-◁□○: The defendant Tao Junfeng served as the mayor of Lanzhou City□□=■, Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission•▪○, the secretary of the Xigu District Party Committee, using the position of the position, to others, the amount is especially huge○▲-, and the defense should take bribe Pursuit of criminal responsibility▽●◁△. (End) Editor: Huo ◇…○◁.chinese fabric manufacturers – water bottle.