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recycled PET:Original title: 2018 National Second Session★…▽•, Zhaoshan West Provincial Committee, Deputy Secretary Huang Xiaowei talks about monitoring system reform pilot work: If you are inserted, you will not sell the new Beijing News (Reporter Wang Mengyao) On March 13, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference was monitored. The draft law, the State Councils institutional reform plan for group discussions…□-. When talking about the draft monitoring law, Huang Xiaowei, deputy secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee▷◆▪▽, introduced the specific practices of •◇▼-“indwelling□■◆◆” in the process of monitoring system reform. Huang Xiaowei said that it is generally arranged by an indiscriminate personnel▼◁▲, and it is not allowed to have a standardized indwelling room, medical and diet. In September 2014, Huang Xiaowei, from the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the deputy director of the Ministry of Commission, asked Shanxi Provincial Discipline Inspection and secretary. In 2016, Huang Xiaowei was served as deputy secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee. Huang Xiaowei combin▷=?

Original title▼○•: Pension is slashing helpless sale also debts return will batch Cai Yingwen suffering from the people (anti- “year change” the masses “Cai Yingwen Next” map source: Mid-time Newsletter) Overseas Network August 23 The English authorities passed the “three laws of the annual reform” in July, and the “Military Education●○▲” pension will cause great rebound. Time media has been exposed■▽, and there is an army who is forced to sell in economic pressures in economic pressures☆◁. It is all of Cai Yingwens words•■□. ” The front of the Taiwan Cultural Department Long Yingtai also painfully approved the •★◇★”People who trampled hard”, getting only a unsatisfactory society. ” According to Taiwans “Mid Electronics News”, Wu Hanyuan, a retiring in Taiwan, pointed out that the original life expenditure and economic arrangement is planned in accordance with the expected monthly pension. Todays new raisi…-☆.

Original title: This spring meeting▽-▪, why can I affect for forty years I will talk before going to bed, there is a world in my dreams. Hello everyone, I am a party newspaper commentary. Today, 40 years ago▲○-★, my country is holding a grand rally. This meeting allows Guo Moru, who have been 86 years old, long-standing studies, regardless of doctors, family discourage, insistence to participate. He said: “I am the dean of the Academy of Sciences, such an important meeting cant go.” This important meeting related to the science is the National Science Conference held in Beijing March 18-21, 1978. Not just Guo Moruo, this meeting is almost impressed by the people of the whole country. At that time, the message to be held in less than one week, the National Science and Technology Committee and the Chinese Academy of Sciences received nearly 200,000 enthusiastic letters, receiv.

Original title▷-◇: CCTV host Zhu Jun was hired by Huang Jiguang Memorial Hall obligatory publicity Zhongjiang County held a heros strong theme activity●●•. This article is the Huaxi Metropolis Newspaper, a famous fire…☆, take out how many Chinese good grooms. 66 years ago, the revolutionary Xun Huang Jiguang sprinkled a bloody blood on the exotic battlefield, pounced toward the enemys mad fire, and finally sacrificed. In the Sichuan Diyang City, Zhongjiang County, he sacrificed Huang Jiguangs event, listening to the emotional poems of Zhongjiang County Shouguang Experimental School, CCTVs famous host Zhu Jun a few tears. Zhu Jun caves in the event. From Huaxi Metropolis Daily, the ▲▽▽”Finding Top Ten Cultural Landmarks” in the Cover Press is voted□△▲▼, and netizens votes have been enthusiastic. Among them○-=, the selection of “Top Ten Red Cultural Landmarks” in Sichuan is very realisti●◁▪▽.

Original title: Gansu Baiyinqiang rainfall triggered mountain flood▽□◁☆: 9 people killed 3 people lost rescue continued to conduct CCTV news: From August 9th to August 10, Gansu Baiyin City has continued to rain and rain, silver area…◇★◇, Jing Jing The impaired mountain floods, roads, houses, etc. in some areas such as Yuanxian are serious. Up to now, 9 people in Jingyuan County have been killed, and 3 people are missing□▪. Editor in charge: Huo ●▼…▷?