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textile buying agent!china seaqual:Original title: Vancouver will submit Chinas apologize to the Chinese apologizes to the Chinese Overseas Chinese Network March 12th According to Canada “Ming Pao” report, in April 2018, the Canadian Vancouver Municipal Government will be unfair and discrimination in history. , Officially apologize to the Chinese. On March 10, local time, Vancouver City government staff revealed the specific arrangements of the apology ceremony•◁. On March 10▷●▼, March 10th, the Planning Master Ma Kaiying◇◆-▽, the “Downtown East Section” of the Vancouver Municipal Government, introduced more details of the municipal government apology ceremony in the Chinese Hall Conference Office-□■. Data map Vancouver City Parliament decided to apologize to the Chinese on history errors. (Canada “Sing Tao Daily△…□•” / Li Qun photo) apologized date will be scheduled to be on April 22nd local time. In order to let more people have witnessed apologi★▷◁◇.

Original title○★: [Secret] Chinese people have to spend 4.57 trillion in a year, how much is your ◆△=”contribution◇▽”? We are busy, our hearts are often going to ▲=”poetry and distant△▼…•”○◆●▲. After all▽…▪…, the world is so big, go out, come to a slow period, more beneficial to improve work efficiency, stimulating life enthusiasm, honest and open chinese fabric supplier! Chinas economic life survey found that the highest travel in 2018 is the highest travel, which is already the top four consecutive years-=•△. In the past year☆▪, the national tourists have exceeded 5 billion mark, which is equivalent to each persons one year of tourism 3▪◇▲☆.7▼▼◇●, and the top of the world tourism market☆●. 3.7 times a year, have you dragged behind? In these years▽▲▼▼, peoples tourism consumption has been stepped on by the past. This tour is being driven to the needs of the quality, paying more attention to the quality depth, personali☆-▪.

[The US Finance Director said the United States and China reached an agreement agreed to stop the trade war] US Finance Minister Mnchi said on the 20th that the US and China have reached an agreement on the framework, agreed to stop the trade war. In an interview with Fox TV on the same day, Monkin said that the United States and Chinas economic and trade consultations have made great progress◆■…, and both parties will continue to hold consultations on economic and trade issues. Related news: China-US trade negotiations Sino-US economic and trade consultation issued Joint statement Trump suddenly met Liu Ce to transfer these three clear signal US Finance Minister 3 yield group visiting Hua will exchange views of the Economics and trade◁▷□▲, China: China Will refuse to discuss the two most demanding trade requirements of Trump require the Chinese and American trade friction Chinese or restricted to the United States research giant opposition: US needs talents attitude towards the United Stat ocean floor…★▷▪ yoga fabric supplier!