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uprecycled fabric:Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions, Henan High Court, Hu Da▷★▼: Judge Handling Case is to grab the tribut, it is recommended to revise the construction of the Judicial Court (Reporter Chen Peng) Today (March 10th), in ten At the plenum of the 3rd National Peoples Congress, at the plenary meeting, I talked about the phenomenon of the judge to ☆▼”struggle to fight the game◆▽•☆”◁■, the National Peoples Congress, the Henan Provincial Senior Peoples Court, Hu Daji, the Supreme Court and the National Development and Reform Commission to be revised Trial court construction standards to meet the needs of judges□•-. “Current Trial Tribunal Construction Standard is the 2010 National Development and Reform Commission and the Supreme Peoples Court▼△◁▲, in accordance with the number of trials in the year, these years have increased dramatically▽★▲, especially in central and eastern region, have serious insufficient problems, suggestio●★○◇.

Original title…◇▲-: The original stone family of Sanlujiazhuang☆-◆, the Mayor of the Sanlujiazhuang◇=, and the East Hidden Tibet have chosen from the first legal newspapers, view news (Reporter Dong Zhenjie), the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the original Vice President of the Hebei Provincial Political Consultative Conference Ai Wenli is suspected of serious violations of law and has been surprising, and it is currently accepting the discipline review and supervision of the National Supervision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Ai Wenli is the first deputy senior official who surrendered the first invested case after the 19th National Covenant, and his investment case triggered public opinion. The central anti-corruption is always tight▽▼◇, so that some officials are difficult to sleep. The reporter found that in the face of anti-corruption hyperbarial●▷△, some people have chosen to flee and confront, but there are also many people …□•=”knowledge of time”◇■••, choose to take the initiative to the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission◇◆▽, public security…▼, and prosecutors to invest surrenders. Evanley started from the workers to start the three deer incident, Shijiazhua◁•.

China News Agency, Hong Kong◆■, May 27 (Reporter Zhang Xiaoyu) The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council was reviewed through the Bill of Perfect Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill (Bill). In this regard△=▲, the various political groups in Hong Kong have expressed their support to support■▪, and believe that the Bill has to be far from the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and ★△”a country, two systems”, in line with the interests of the state and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Peoples Construction Fair said that the Bill has been completed by the legislative work of the Bill with the legislative work of the National Level to the Special Zone to Perfecting the Hong Kong Electoral System. The improved electoral system is in line with the Constitution, the Basic Law of Hong Kong and “One Country and Two Systems”, which is conducive to the implementation of the principle of “Patriot▪▼■.