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post-consumer polyester:Original title: Today, this news is too big to fight ☆○▽•”Taiwan independence▲▲▷”-■! Taiwans “Olympics” allows the station to lose the right to host the East Asian Green Association, even Japan did not help it. The East Asian Olympic Committee decided to cancel the Taichung City Youth Galas○☆★, the Taiwan authorities vocalize to protest through multiple pipes, claiming that this is ◇•”public and means of rudely in sports”. The East Asian Olympic Committee is a total of 9 countries and regions who have made these decisions at the meeting in Beijing■-●. A total of 9 countries and regions of the voting, which only Taiwans China Taipei Olympic Committee voted, Japan Olympics The committee was discarded, and the other seven Olympic committees were voted▲▪▷. There will be such an overwhelming vote, because this cancellation is fully compliant with the Olympic spirit▪○△○. Some forces in Taiwan from this ye■▪.

Original title…▷◇•: Doing a good job in African swine fever, there is no effective vaccine source•☆▽: Liaoning Daily on August 6, the Provincial Animal Husbandry Bureau issued an urgent notice requesting the province to do a good job in the prevention and treatment of African swine fever. All localities should carry out comprehensive investigations and emergency monitoring, strict epidemic diagnosis and epidemic reports, strengthen the mobility supervision of pigs○◁…, and strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic■■. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Animal Husbandry Administration, on August 3, the national confirmed in Shenyang City, Shenyang City, Shenyang City-◇▽, China, and the first confirmed epidemic for my country. African swine fever currently has no effective vaccine. The epidemic has a huge threat to our province and even the national pig breeding industry and must be completely eradicated. ▼▷●”Our province is a pig breeding and calling up the province▼▲★▷. In recent years, large pig breeding, slaughter enterprises have been investing in the province★◇•◁. At present★=, the feeding capacity of born pigs in our province reached more than 4,0.

Original title▼-□: Develop •□•▷”Supervision Act”……-○: Let the monitoring organs are more independent▪☆, let the anti-corruption rights rule of control Xinjing News two conference fast comments according to the “Supervision Law☆▼▲”, all public officials exercising public power will be in the scope of national monitoring, This achieves full coverage of power supervision. ▲ The first meeting venue for the 13th National Peoples Congress. Figure / Xinhua News Agency Ouyang Chenwu March 13◁…, “The Supervision Law (Draft) will be considered by the 13th National Peoples Congress. This aim to achieve legislation and Chinas deepening monitoring system reform, with the legal case of anti-corruption, a total of 9 chapters, 69, from 7 aspects▪★◁★, and how to accept supervision☆•◁, etc. Accepted by all parties concerns and hot discussion. Based on this conference●•, it has considered the Constituti.

Original title□…◁: Ministry of Environmental Protection◁○: “Ten of the Atmosphere”, during the first phase of the central government invest than 600 billion legal network Beijing, China, on March 6…△•, around the three key regions, especially in Beijing□•…☆, Tianjin and Hebei, improved, and rectified illegal sewage. Upper collection monitoring rights, increase the efforts of various measures such as fund investment, and the first phase of the “Ten” is successfully achieved. According to the person in charge of the Ministry of Environmental Protection▷▪••, during the period, the state has established special funds for air pollution prevention and control, and the central government has accumulated 52◆■.8 billion yuan for special funds and more than 10 billion yuan in the budget investment. In 2017◇●…, the national prefecture-level and above cities decreased by 22•….7% in 2013, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei…•☆▽, Long Triangle, and Pearl River Delta and other key regions fell by 39.6%, 34○-▲□.3%•☆, respectivel◁▲▷. master distributor plastic bottles can be recycled recycled PET – buying agent.

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