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uprecycled fabric:Original title△•=: 45 billion debt suddenly burst, Zhejiang star company is in a hurry! A big rescue has begun to select ■▽”500 Chinese private enterprises■▪” in 16 years. Last year••■, the 27th of Zhejiang 100-digit company is listed▷◆, due to the difficulty of financing the debt, encounters liquidity dilemmas harness lingerie oxford fabric poly mesh burlap! Shield Anne report showed that the Groups interest-like liabilities of the Group exceeded 45 billion yuan, “•…” That urgently requested the provincial governments to coordinate and promote the measures to solve the crisis “.…-△” ▲ Hangzhou Shield An Building, every reporter■○, Ye Xiandan / photography on May 2◆★, Zhejiang Provincial Financial Office held the Shield Animation Coordination Association■▲=▽, solving emergency problems such as Shield Group Bond Finance and Bank Loans. On the same day★◇, the two A-share companies under Shield An, and the Jiangnan Chemical Synchronous suspension. Daily economic news (mic.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 26, the Minister of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Foreign Liaison, attended the Chinas main political parties to the Chinese●=▪, the anti-epidemic video exchange meeting and the China Pub, the ruling party celebrated the seventy anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries and the 10th anniversary of the two parties…◆▷•. Activities, Chairman of Timier, Ni Ni (United), Chairman of the Timberchuan, Ni Ni (United), Chairman of the Government Deputy Prime Minister Bo Kriel, Ni (Human Center), Pre-government Prime Minister Pula Claus, etc. Mainly political parties and Pakistan The vice chairman of the Justice Party▲▷◇, the diplomatic minister Culei, etc., enhanced the partys interaction, deepening the exchange of government experience, and strengthening the anti-vlorative cooperation. [Edit★▽: 立.

Original title: Jiuquan satellite launch center scenic spot is weighing March 14, the reporter learned from the Gansu Provincial Tourism Association, and recently issued an announcement in the Quality Ratinal Evaluation Committee of Gansu Province, in accordance with the National Standards of the Peoples Republic of China The division and assessment of the quality level, “Measures for the Quality of Tourism Scenic Area”, is recommended by the Quality Ratinal Evaluation Management Committee of Jiuquan City, Gansu Provincial Tourism Scenic Area Quality Ratinal Evaluation Committee, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Scenic Area reaches the national 4A-level tourism The standard requirements of the scenic spot are approved as a national 4A-level tourist attraction. Source: “China Gansu Network=●◆…” WeChat public account Editor: Zhang .

Original title▪••▼: China Nuclear Business Plan Let the Japanese Suscan unsuccessful to strengthen the monitoring information map Overseas Network March 2☆•, China Ship Heavy Industry is rare publicly open Chinas nuclear power aircraft carrier plan◇○○, Japans heard of the heart, Japanese defense The Minister Xiaoyan Temple 5 Dynasty will ☆□△”expressed concern◇△”, “said Japan will continue to monitor Chinas military action.…•▲” China Rare Open Nuclear Drum Plan on February 27th◆•, China Ship Heavy Industry In the official website and official micro-issuance of “New Era” full text…★△, mention “Accelerate•☆=□” to achieve nuclear power aircraft carrier○▷△▲, new nuclear submarine, quiet submarine “The research is broken through the high-quality weapon equipment for the Navys 2025 to achieve high-quality weaponry○△. Military observers said that this is the first time to confirm the Chinese nuclear power aircraft carrier progra poly knit fabric!gap sportswear – patterned headliner fabric,