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ocean clean-ups:Original title: How does China apply☆•? In the Middle East, we have a good experience in Saudi, Saudi, Saudi, Shata☆○, with your fingers, dont stop your mobile phone screen, and explain a mobile phone app (application) from time to time. With Selfie show◁☆★, she has become a well-known “net red” girl in Saudi, sitting on 1.5 million fans. The objects that can appear in her program are not small. In this video, she introduced a mobile game that was popular in Saudi – “The Revenge of Sudan”, the reading volume reached nearly million. The developer of this game from China. The game “It feels great▼-◇! Design, form is very interesting.•□” 26-year-old Saudi☆▼■, Muhammad Harley evaluation◇▲•…. He is the faithful fan of this game, and he is also the moderator of the game local foru.

Original title: =▷●▼”Its amazing★◇, my country” into the campus, strong national box office has exceeded 400 million▲▪▽▼, and the 20th year of the 29th, the audience accounts for more than 50% record movies, ◇■◁”◇=” -□△☆”” ” Since the release, a round of watching the shadow of the viewing and movie, the persistent view of the audience has repeatedly refreshed the market record of record movies. Since mid-March▷-▼, China Education Huaxian “National Campus Cinema Line” has been batch●-, and the various schools will carry out screening activities. The teachers and students of the major primary and secondary schools across the country have spontaneously enter the cinema●◇■, actively watching. After watching the film, the majority of teachers and students have praise for the brilliant achievements of the partys 18th National Congress, and further strengthen the responsibility of teachers and students to fight for new people, and brave their mission. Recently, •◇•■”amazed, my country” will also land in love Qiyi□…▽, Tencent, et▲○.

Original title: The Ministry of Commerce responded -□◁◆”The US Trade representative said before the June or not on Chinas levy,” March 29, the peak of the Ministry of Commerces spokesperson responded to the US submissile for the US will gauge. Product list publicity time prolongs 30 days of related speech. The peak said that the Ministry of Commerce pays attention to the state of the state◆◁, and the Chinese position has not changed. I hope the US will recognize the situation, comply with the historical trend of economic globalization and trade investment liberalization, and urge the US to abandon unilateralism★…, trade protectionism■•▷, Effectively take measures to solve differences by dialogue negotiation, and truly maintain a good situation in China and US economic and trade cooperation. On March 28, local time, US trade representative LeTheze said in an interview that the United States will be delayed from 30 days to the publi flannelette sheets argos poplin fabric for summer○◆▪ hosiery textile!patterned denim – baylor canvas black nylon fabric,