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continuous filamen – ocean plastic!home furnishings:Source: Yangguang Net Broadcasting Network Beijing March 21 On March 21st, the Central Peoples Broadcasting Station, CCTV, China Radio International held the central cadres meeting, announced the central governments construction of Central Radio and TV Station and leadership team decision. Comrade Shen Xiong Ren Zhong Radio and Television General▪▲◆◇, Party Secretary. Zhou Zuyi••◆■, deputy director of the China Group○•★, read the central government decision and speaking•□, and Wang Xiaohui, executive deputy director of the Central Propaganda Department, hosted the meeting and speaking. Shen Xiongqi Shen Xiong, male, Han nationality, February 1967, Zhejiang Huzhou people, in December 1987=•△, in August 1989 participated in the work, Hangzhou University Chinese News Professional graduation●▲, university degree=■, senior management business Master management, senior reporter□▷▽▼. 1985-1989 Hangzhou Universi recycled material!

Original title: Let the water-saving become the national action on March 22nd▼▷, is the twenty-sixth ▼▽”World Water Day•=”, the first day of the thirty-first “China Water Week”□☆▷◇. The United Nations is determined this years “World Water Day▲◁△◇” propaganda theme is “Borrowing Natural Power, Guarding Green Mountain■●△”, my country commemorating the “World Water Day▪◆” and the publicity theme of “China Water Week” activities is ▲◁▲”the implementation of national water saving action, Building a water-saving society. Solving Chinas water shortage problems, water saving is fundamental=…▪. According to statistics, in 2016, the total annual amount of water in the country was 604 billion cubic meters, and the total amount of water in the domestic product was 25.3%•▪-…. my countrys zero growth of agricultural water has guaranteed food in the year△•▪, and the economy of the economy has grown in the economy in the economy△◁. Strictly abide by ▷▲▪”red line●◇”, inverted water mode to change water saving, first fr.

Original title: After 6 years, the Chinese people like to buy a house are finally falling post consumer recycled plastic! As the most familiar Australian city of Chinese people□▷■☆, housing prices in Sydney and Melbourne have finally begun▽□□. The government regulates the main reason for the decline in housing prices•-•■, including expanding the supply, tightening credit, and restricting foreigners buying houses□▷…. The Australian real estate recently caught in the “low tide■□” for decades…△-▼. According to the British •○▽□”Guarding”▲○, Sydney and Melbourne fell to the first fall in the Australian national house in 6 years-□. Real estate in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia accounts for two-thirds of the total output value of national real estate, and has always been closely related to both Australian national housing prices. According to the research institutional Domain…▷▼◆, as of June this year, 12 in the pa.

Original title: Multi-to explore the regulation of the management of the cadre management “as a high-quality, high-quality talents▽▽◇…, in high-risk positions, to play professional heads, put down their thoughts•△, clean things. To cherish the training, clean and do people◇◁★.★•▽◇” Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection◇▼▷, Recently=☆, Jia Shusong=•-, member of the Standing Committee of Jingzhou Municipal Committee of Hubei Province, and director of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission□▷, Jia Shusong, director of the Municipal Supervision Committee, “Chu Meiyuan”, “Chu Meiyuan●△◇”, a planned department of the city, receiving a person in charge of a planned department in the city. While said▼■▷. Right II is Jia Shusong•☆-, and the person in charge of the right to return to the educational object has been given a punishment for work dereliction. Since the 18th National Congress, as the obvise is seriously added, party members and cadres are not in a small number of party disciplines. Data show that since 2015▼▽○, the national discipline inspection and supervision organs have treated.

Original title…△○=: Cut Trump Trade War★●○★, China has two “secret weapons”■□▼! On the 23rd, the global financial market has experienced the most flexible day eco friendly textile! The stock market blood flows into the river – the US stock market plummeted. US stocks began to hare in the second half of the trading period, as of the closing□▷◇▼, the Dow Jones index fell 2.93%, the S & P and Nasdaq index fell 2◆=.52% and 2.43%, respectively. The major stock markets in the Asia Pacific region also all overcome◇○. As of the closing, Japanese stock market plunged 4★…■▪.51%◇◇•, setting the second largest single-day decline since this year◆☆☆▼. The Korean stock market has also reached 3.18%. The European stock market opened today. The main index of the United Kingdom, France, Germany has fallen. Affected by tension, Shanghai index fell more than 4%. A epic trade war has come. -▽.